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25 10 2011
André Laurion

Fracking can even cause earthquakes

Of course, the industry pretends it creates jobs. When are we going to hear an industry representative speaking about the downside of its activities? It’s banned in France, in New York state and elsewhere in the world but we are wiser here in New Brunswick with the leadership of our experiences politicians!

Gas and profits for the Americans and polution for the population of NB, that is a good short term deal for a minority only.

22 10 2013
Bernie MacDonald

It’s not band anywhere. Its is being done all over the world and the sooner Europe develops it we can destroy the Saudi Blood oil indusrty. Stop listening to Sazuki, Gore, Fox etc. They are not scientists they are snake oil salesmen. Sazuki hasn’t read a scientific journal in 20 years (his own words). Gore has so much money tied up in green he cant afford to do anything but lie. And that Fox guys antifrackin mockumentary has been discredited. You enviro idiots have been sold a bunch of crap and now you feel too stupid to change with the reality. Temps are not rising, Tornados are way down, the flooding in Calgary was no where near as bad as past ones, there are more polar bears now than the fifties and the ice caps are not shrinking, global warming is not affecting the great barrier reef, etc. you have been lied to, sorry,

5 07 2014
fred van de brand

let us have some prosperty in this province, the truth is nb is broke, get the gas flowing, enough bs, i live 2 km away from 30 gas wells with no issues.yes to shale gas.

22 10 2013
Bernie MacDonald

Another lie. They do not cause earthquakes. It does cause minute sismic activity simmilar to that of a large truck passing by. Ironic you are using a computer but you are against oil production. I can assure you you computer is full of oil and it did not get to the store by dog sled. Nope it needed a big old carbonfootprint leaving cargo ship, it was unloded by a big old fossil fuel burning crane, shipped to your carbon footprint leaving big box store, in a gasp, diesel burning semi. What did you do with the styrafoam packaging (also contains oil), plus the tape containing oil. By the by I hope you walked to the store. You must think electricity comes from a plug, and we pay for social programs with buttons. Nope wrong again I have to earn a pay cheque, pay taxes, help a bunch of my own people who have an 85% unemployment rate on the warriers researve so they can tell me what a bastard I am cause I wanna work. Maybe us working stiffs should quit and tell the rest of you to got to hell. Abolish the indian act now and Quebec can go too.

17 05 2014
Bruce Shanks

To My Environment Conscious Friends around the World;

In New Brunswick Canada “Big Oil/Government”
plans an oil pipeline the entire length of the Province
from north to south. Meantime the government has
sold mining rights to a fracking Company that go the
entire width of the Province from west to east.
These 2 “make work” projects intersect midway through
the Province where large lakes and rivers are!

Since earthquakes and tremors commonly occur as a result
of “fracking”, and even a tremor can shake up a pipeline,
We can reasonably expect this oil pipeline to have multiple
cracks occurring at joints & seams!
This can spill mass amounts of deadly crude oil into
Our waterways, destroying ecosystems, and emptying
into the Atlantic Ocean thus further polluting Our Planet.

It is written “the love of money is the root of all evil”, We
are sure seeing and suffering from that more & more around
the World these days!

23 05 2012
Tony Steele

A useful attic/e:
submitted by Tony Steele

22 10 2013
Bernie MacDonald

I have a demand. As a non researve native (grampa said he’d rather die than wait for a white mans hand out). Please stop letting your selves be used by the Rockerfellers and the Sierra club. You are uncle tomming it up for whitey, please stop I am so assamed for you. You look like a bunch of idiots threatening a women reporter, grow a pair will ya. I wish the Indian act was abolished today. I am so sick of people like Spence stealing from her own people. If you are living in poverty it’s because you have a two bit theif for a cheif. They are the ones holding you back not Harper. They don’t want you to be educated, free, and employed as a usfull member of society. Think about it. I bet you can get all the oxy and booze ya want, but you cant get fresh fruit. Thats called mind control, whitey in the city wants free heroin injections sites, same thing mind control. The rich Rochafellers and the Saudis are making you woop it up for some wampum, and your falling for it hook line and sinker. How are we going to pay for your social programs if we can’t develop resources. If all else fails go ask the queen of England for your money just stop bitchin, go to work and make a life for you and your family. Be a real proud native not some ten cent dancing indian

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