Second Deputy Leader of Green Party of Canada

2 12 2014

Green Party of Canada

Today, I am thrilled to share some exciting news. The Green Party is welcoming a second Deputy Leader to the team!

Daniel Green is a pioneer in environmental research and activism. He has been a leader in the movement to protect our land and water for more than 30 years.

I have known Daniel for decades — through his time at the helm of the Société pour Vaincre la Pollution in his home province of Quebec and his work as a scientific advisor to organizations like the Sierra Club of Canada.

Daniel understands that all citizens have the right to breathe clean air and drink unpolluted water and he has devoted his life to defending these rights.

He has made a profound difference on the issue of environmental contamination — successfully taking legal actions before the Supreme Court of Canada. Daniel was instrumental in causing the corporations involved in the tragedy at Lac-Mégantic to decontaminate the site in 2013 and 2014.

I am deeply grateful to Daniel for his commitment to Green values. He will join Bruce Hyer as our second Deputy Leader.

Take a moment now to join Bruce and I in welcoming Daniel to the Green Party:

Shaun, with incredible team members like Daniel being recruited across the country, I know we are headed for a breakthrough in next year’s election.

Thanks for being with us during this exciting time,


Elizabeth May, O.C.
MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader, Green Party of Canada

Liz May Needs Support for Her Green 2015 Campaign

23 09 2014

Greens have made history in New Brunswick!

Last night, Green Party of New Brunswick Leader David Coon was elected as the province’s first ever Green MLA.

David won his seat in the riding of Fredericton South, defeating Conservative incumbent Craig Leonard, the province’s pro-fracking Minister of Energy.

With David’s historic win, we now have Green MLAs on both coasts and Green MPs in Ottawa.

Shaun, our party’s growth is now beyond a doubt — this election showed that voting Green is not a protest vote, voting Green is a vote for something you want.

We’ve entered an era of electing Greens, but if we are to continue our success in next years election I will need your support.

Please make a contribution to our 2015 election fund today to mark this historic victory.

Thank you for all of your support Shaun,


Elizabeth May O.C.
MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader, Green Party of Canada

David & the Green Wave on Queen St.

15 09 2014

David Coon & Liz May on Queen St.

12 09 2014


Dear Members and Supporters,

We are on the path to victory — the race in Fredericton South is very close and all over New Brunswick, our candidates and volunteers have put in a tremendous effort.

A strong, meaningful push in the last ten days of our 2014 election campaign will mean all the difference in the world.

Imagine that, as a result of our collective effort, we succeed in winning the first seat ever for a Green Party candidate in Eastern Canada.

We need to send a clear, direct message to undecided voters in our Capital City about the values and the principles we Greens share with them. The value of direct participation in democracy. The value of planning for the just transition to a green economy that creates long term, sustainable jobs. The value of protecting people’s drinking water against risks posed by fracking.

Please send one more donation, one more cheque, to help us get this messages on the airwaves and in the voters’ mailboxes. Your support will give us the push we need to win.

Together, I am confident we can make history on September 22nd.

David Coon

PS: You can make an online donation right now by clicking here.

Chers membres et amis,

Nous sommes sur le chemin vers une victoire ; la course dans la circonscription de Fredericton-Sud est très serrée, et partout au Nouveau-Brunswick, nos candidats et nos bénévoles y mettent un effort énorme.

Une forte poussée dans ces derniers 10 jours de notre campagne 2014 fera toute la différence.
Imaginez que, suite à notre effort collectif, nous gagnons le premier siège pour un candidat Vert dans l’Est du Canada.

Envoyons un message clair et direct aux électeurs indécis de Fredericton au sujet des valeurs et des principes que le Parti vert partage avec eux : la participation directe à la démocratie, l’importance de la transition vers une économie verte qui crée des emplois durables à long terme, la protection de l’eau potable contre les risques de la fracturation.

Je vous demande de faire un autre don afin de nous aider à faire parvenir ce message sur les ondes et les boîtes aux lettres des électeurs. Votre appui nous donnera l’élan qu’il nous faut pour gagner.

Ensemble, je suis confiant que nous pouvons entrer dans l’histoire le 22 septembre.

Bien à vous,
David Coon

Ps : Vous pouvez faire un don en ligne maintenant en visitant ici.

Green Rally

9 09 2014
The building momentum of the Green Party in the New Brunswick provincial election has caught the attention of federal party leader Elizabeth May, who will join provincial leader David Coon and candidates from throughout the province for a Go Green Rally and corn boil in Fredericton on Sunday afternoon.

Ms. May will be in town to bring her support to the campaign and meet members of the public during her one-day visit to the capital city.

Rally organizers say it will give people the opportunity to meet one of the most dynamic politicians in Canada today as she brings her particular brand of energy and enthusiasm to the campaign. They are hoping people of all political stripes will take advantage of the opportunity to meet and mingle with the two party leaders.

The Go Green Rally will take place at the iRock, 339 King Street, Fredericton, Sunday, Sept. 14 from 1–3 p.m. A bus will be at the SUB parking lot at 12:30 p.m. to bring students down to the afternoon event that will feature fun, food and lots of music.

Le dynamisme du Parti vert du Nouveau-Brunswick au cours de l’élection provinciale a attiré l’attention de la chef du parti vert fédéral Elizabeth May et elle se joindra au chef des Verts de la province David Coon et aux autres candidats Verts de la province lors d’un rassemblement pour le Virage vert et d’une épluchette de blé d’Inde à Fredericton dimanche

Madame May sera en ville pour accorder son appui à la campagne et pour des membres de la population durant sa visite d’une journée dans la capitale.

Les organisateurs du rassemblement savent très bien que ce sera une occasion pour la population de rencontrer une des plus dynamiques politiciennes du Canada qui sait instiller son type particulier d’énergie et d’enthousiasme dans une campagne électorale.  Ils espèrent que des gens de toutes les allégeances politiques tireront avantage de cette occasion pour rencontrer et discuter avec les deux chefs de parti.

Le rassemblement du Virage vert aura lieu au i Rock situé au 339, rue King à Fredericton, dimanche 14 septembre de 13 à 15 heures.  Un autobus sera au stationnement du SUB à midi et demi pour conduire les étudiantes et les étudiants à l’évènement de l’après-midi où vous pourrez vous amuser, manger et entendre de la musique.

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Green Party of New Brunswick / Parti vert du Nouveau-Brunswick

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Go Green! with Elizabeth May and David Coon

8 09 2014

Are you already Green? Are you curious about Green? Are you a slight shade of Green?

Come out and rally with the leaders of the Green Party of Canada – Parti vert du Canada and Green Party of New BrunswickElizabeth May andDavid Coon – Fredericton South!

There will be live music and food to keep the spirits high!

The rally will take place at the iRock in Fredericton in support of ALL our #NBPoli candidates!

Supporters, volunteers and candidates will be on hand, but most of all we hope that YOU will join us!

We’re all different shades of #Green, so why not come out and bring your best questions for those working hard to represent you!

Find out WHO they are and WHY they are so passionate about the Green movement.

This is YOUR chance to have your questions answered about anything and everything relating to a Greener future in #NB.

#IfWeChange, everything changes! This time, vote Green!

Green Party Has Greatest Growth in Donations/Donors

7 08 2014

Financial reports released by Elections Canada over the weekend show that the Green Party has the strongest fundraising growth of any Canadian political party. The GPC raised $531,404 in the second quarter of 2014, representing a 67% increase over the same period in 2013. The party also saw significant growth in the number of donors contributing, with 7,546 donating to the party in second quarter of 2014 – an increase of 66% over the same period in 2013. The Green Party’s robust fundraising gains come at the same time as both the Liberals and Conservatives saw their revenues decline relative to the second quarter of 2013. The 2014 fundraising numbers follow a very strong 2013 fundraising year, in which the Green Party of Canada saw revenue growth of 30%, and donor base growth of 52% compared to 2012. Tthe Green Party of Canada provided for the information for this post.

Stats Show Surging Green Party Support in British Colombia

4 08 2014
RSR – British Columbia DAY – BC Greens, BC Liberals tied – overwhelming support for student loan interest relief ‘across the spectrum’.
Aug 01, 2014
An RSR poll of 625 British Columbians conducted July 23-28, 2014. Margin of Error is 3.75%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Question #1
Which political party in British Columbia do you currently support?
BC NDP 34 %
BC Liberal 29 %
BC Green 28 %
BC Conservative 8 %
(Undecided) 10 %
Question #2
In your opinion should British Columbians with outstanding student loans, who have graduated, be granted relief from interest charges?
Yes 75 %
Finally, there is a three way race (early days) in BC politics, or at least potentially. If margin of error is factored it is a tie between BC NDP (34%), BC Liberal (29%), and BC Green (28%).
Let’s begin with BC Green numbers. (32%) on Vancouver Island, (19%) in Vancouver City, (27%) in Vancouver suburbs – that’s right – (27%) in Vancouver Suburbs (and Langley). The BC Greens are flourishing in the Fraser Valley (20%), (17%) in the Southern Interior and (25%) – in the Norther Interior and Kootenays.
The BC NDP are in the lead, but must be concerned with some of these numbers – and may wish they had used the opportunity of a leadership contest. BC NDP on Vancouver Island (37%) {down 10% + from Carole James days}, a solid (38%) in Vancouver City, (32%) in Vancouver Suburbs (and Langley), (25%) in Fraser Valley, (23%) in Southern Interior, and (25%) in Northern Interior and Kootenays.
The governing BC Liberals appear back in trouble, as they were for so long belong the surprise election win in May 2013. (21%) on Vancouver Island, (30%) in Vancouver City, (28%) in Vancouver Suburbs (and Langley), (28%) in Fraser Valley, (34%) in Southern Interior, (35%) in Northern Interior and Kootenays.
There is no doubt that British Columbian want interest relief from student loans for BC students who have graduated. More than 3 in 4 British Columbians support this policy. BC Green supporters are all in with this proposition at over (90%). BC New Democrats follow the average with over (70%) in support, while the BC Liberals follow in the (60%).
Vancouver Island support is (87%), Vancouver City (71%), Vancouver Suburbs and Langley (75%), Fraser Valley (78%), Northern Interior (72%), and Southern Interior (58%).
In terms of public support the BC Greens are the real deal. Is nice weather, beautiful British Columbia, mountains, oceans – the whole package making citizens think Green? Or is it the pipelines? Is it anti Stephen Harper or Christy Clark? Is it pox on both your houses BC Liberal and BC NDP? Whatever it is – the BC Greens are definitely in business – but can they turn this support into something substantial – loyal support.
These numbers in support are well over ‘parking your vote’ percentages.
Once again the BC Liberals are tanking in the Vancouver Suburbs. Do they care? Not if they believe they can do as they please and wait for the next election – delighted to see BC Greens the natural voting competitor to the BC NDP – growing in support.
The BC New Democrats need to take the BC Greens very seriously on Vancouver Island – Green contagion is setting in, and we believe this support will stick. However BC Green support in other regions of the province, particularly the Suburbs, Fraser Valley and Northern Interior is remarkable.
Our relief of interest on student loans has produced some interesting results. Support for this is high across the board. Our federal sample of 100 Conservatives reveals majority support for relief on interest (for graduated students). We believe from anecdote that the fact that the question included graduated students – prompted many to see this relief in conjunction with these students looking for employment, and needing to see some relief from interest in these jobs. How depressing is it for students to finally be working after achieving their degree or certificate and to confront huge student loan payments?
Interest is counterproductive in the extreme and British Columbians agree that relief should be in place. Many graduates are taking a year or so to get decent paying jobs – making payments in the interim with interest piling up on $12 an hour is senseless and cruel. Prohibiting those student graduates who find better paying jobs where they can hang their hat (and degree) and have more disposable income for purchases and consumption generally, in a consumer driven market makes better sense.
How will the suggestion on student loan interest measure up to this weeks announcement from BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong – ready set to pay $40 to parents of children in K-7? To us, this policy seems nearly foolish – in comparison to the RSR solution that would satisfy the majority of British Columbians (and likely Canadians if the 100 Conservative sample provokes presumptions), by easy margins.
BC New Democrats and BC Liberals must recognize the BC Green support and the support of BC Greens for interest relief on student loans. BC NDP Kathy Corrigan is the new shadow minister for Post Secondary – I hope she is in good voice because she has quite a broad platform. BC Liberals were not thinking through the policy on education overwhelmed by the teachers debate – they were trapped intellectually and practically and failed to see the opportunity that the interest relief would provide for British Columbians who see that graduating students need to become healthy consumers in the market place.

Cathy Jones to Headline at Green Gala

7 07 2014

Saturday Evening Gala

This just in: Cathy Jones, beloved East Coast Comedienne of This Hour Has 22 Minutes fame, has agreed to come and help out at our Saturday Evening Gala

Join us on Saturday, July 19, for a good ol’fashioned Kitchen Party! We will be hosting greens from right across Canada, and we want to show them how to have a good time, East Coast Style!

Beginning at 6:30PM (Atlantic Time) we will mix and mingle with conventioneers from across the country and local constituents of Fredericton.

The evening will be hosted by, and feature a keynote — knock your socks off — speech by Elizabeth May.

Come out and join a great evening of local food, and great music by local band Different Folk, while also helping us raise money for the 2015 Campaign Fund!


Liz May In the House

6 07 2014
Elizabeth May talks cooperation, pipelines and election fairness
Saturday, July 5, 2014 | Categories: | 5


This week on The House, the narrative that seems to be emerging from the results of recent byelections is that the next federal election could very well come down to a showdown between the incumbent Conservatives and a resurging Liberal party. Guest-host Terry Milewski talks toGreen Party leader Elizabeth May, who vows to remain a factor. Then, our In House panelists Tasha Kheiriddin and Emmanuelle Latraverse discuss the NDP’s challenges heading into next year.

It’s yet another rebuff of the federal government’s agenda by the Courts. On Friday, the Federal Court ruled the controversial cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program for refugee claimants unlawful and unconstitutional. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says the government will appeal the decision. We ask Lorne Waldman, the president of  the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and lead counsel in this case, what the ruling means and what he expects will happen next.

Embattled Justice Minister Peter Mackay will be back in the spotlight on Monday. It won’t be to discuss his controversial comments about female judges, but rather to testify in front of the Justice Committee about the government’s prostitution bill. The Parliamentary Secretary to the Justice Minister, Bob Dechert, and the NDP’s Justice critic, Francoise Boivin, join us for a preview.

With federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney set to meet with his provincial counterparts next week in PEI, we asked that province’s Innovation Minister, Allen Roach, to talk about PEI’s issues with the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You can listen to that interview below: