Send your letter to NEB to block Energy East Permit

17 06 2016

Unreal! The National Energy Board woke up this morning to a fax tray loaded with over 500 letters of opposition to Enbridge’s permit extension. Have you sent your letter yet

Let’s run the NEB’s fax machine out of ink!

Remember Enbridge? And the oil tanker proposal that should be dead and gone?

They’re about to miss their National Energy Board deadline. This should mean the end of the Northern Gateway project, but instead of heading home to lick their wounds, they’ve gone crawling back to the NEB to beg for an extension on their permits. Why? Because they haven’t managed to convince a single oil company to sign a shipping contract with them, not to mention gain an ounce of social license.

Can’t take a hint, eh Enbridge?

The NEB will be considering the company’s request to drag this Northern Gateway thing out but, in a shocking twist, is accepting comments from the public before making their decision. Sweet! We have until June 27, 2016, to remind the federal pipeline regulator where British Columbians stand on this ridiculous proposal.

This is important. If enough of us write in with concerns, it will be impossible for the NEB — and ultimately Justin Trudeau and his cabinet — to ignore us while making their decision on Northern Gateway.

We really need you to write a letter. Taking no action on this opportunity will give the false impression to the regulator AND the Prime Minister’s office that British Columbians consent to Northern Gateway — that we’ve forgotten about it or stopped caring that toxic, sinking bitumen would be pumped through a pipeline only to be dumped out at our coastline and shipped off to China.

Like most of us here in B.C., I do not consent to having risky projects pushed on my province, and neither should you. We deserve better. We deserve a say.

Can you take five minutes right now to write a letter to the NEB demanding our voices be heard?

Before you whip into a writing frenzy, I should note the catch: the NEB is only taking input by way of hard copy letters through Canada post OR via fax. Luckily, we have a solution that requires no prehistoric equipment – the almighty internet.

Click here to write and send your letter and, through the magic of the interwebs, it will be magically transformed into a fax and sent directly to the NEB.

The regulator has also made it clear they will not be accepting form letters of any kind, so we have provided step by step instructions for you to follow to make it easy peasy to write out your objection in your own words. Click here to see the steps and write your letter.

In the time it takes you to make a coffee, you can help stop a pipeline and keep supertankers from invading our coast. Join your friends and neighbours who have already committed to sending a letter by clicking here. The NEB needs to hear from informed and engaged people like you. We may not get an opportunity like this one again.

For the coast,

Christina Smethurst, Dogwood

P.S. If you write and send a letter to the NEB today, the Prime Minister and his cabinet can’t pretend to ignore the majority of British Columbians who oppose this oil tanker project. We’ll be right under his nose, in black and white. Thank you for joining us in this.




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