30 05 2016

NBASGA says it’s a good day for activists, for New Brunswick and for the planet

FREDERICTON, NB (27 May 2016) – The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance is gratified and very much relieved by the government’s announcement of the indefinite continuance of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. This is a good day for us, for New Brunswick and the planet.   We see this as evidence of what we hope is a building sea change in the manner that governments approach issues that have significant impacts on local populations.

Within Minister Arsenault’s official statement, we see the hallmarks of the problems we have raised from Day One, and we are gratified that the immense effort put forth by the many groups and thousands of volunteers and supporters from the Anglophone, Francophone and Indigenous communities who have brought these issues to the forefront and kept them in the public eye. And we are thankful that our concerns – which have been repeatedly validated by independent research – have fallen on receptive government ears.

It is good for everyone when the government and the citizenry can agree on what constitutes reality.

We are also glad the Minister was clear in stating that industry itself had not shown evidence that it can and will meet the conditions set forth when this government took office.  The scientific evidence continues to mount that the many destructive aspects of this industry have not been solved, or in many cases, even addressed.  We assume that any independent regulator will be tasked with assuring that rigorous scientific and public health standards will be applied in any future energy industry endeavour.

We welcome the Government’s acknowledgement of the need to work with aboriginal leadership to adopt a consultation process for fracking, as it should be for all industries that impact natural resources. Not only is this right, but it too shows a willingness to deal with reality.

Minister Arsenault’s statement that creating jobs is a priority, but not at any cost, is one that we have made ourselves.   The present – and mounting – crisis of climate change is evidence that it is time to work together towards a cleaner, more sustainable future that benefits the people who actually live here with meaningful work and a vibrant economy.  Clean energy and retrofitting projects will move us into the future and not keep us anchored to a dying industry.

The many groups that make up NBASGA have grown into a strong, respected and reliable voice for sustainability, and we hope that we now have a chance to work with government on the issues that will affect us all in the future.



The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance represents the interests of New Brunswickers opposed to unconventional gas and oil exploration and development, while promoting a future in clean energy alternatives.





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