Stop the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline in BC

19 05 2016


Just hours ago, the Harper-appointed National Energy Board (NEB) gave their conditional approval to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Add your name now to stop the Kinder Morgan expansion.

I am not surprised the NEB made this decision, because they never have and never will be experts in environmental assessment. This should not have been their responsibility, but thanks to Harper’s omnibus budget bill C38, they were given the power to lead this review.

In no way is this pipeline project in the best interest of Canadians. It will only create about 50 permanent full-time jobs, it will threaten some of our most fragile ecosystems including the Burrard Inlet and Jasper National Park, and over sixteen local First Nations have voiced their strong opposition to the expansion.

Even UNIFOR, one of Canada’s biggest labour unions, has come out in opposition to the expansion, because they know that exporting raw bitumen means exporting Canadian jobs.

Plain and simple, this project is not worth the risk. Let Prime Minister Trudeau know Kinder Morgan’s expansion can not be approved.

Now that the NEB has had their say, it is up to the federal cabinet to determine Kinder Morgan’s future.

Before Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet make their decision, make sure they hear your voice.

Here’s the link:

Keep up the hard work,


Paul Gregory
Director of Outreach
Green Party of Canada



One response

19 05 2016

It has always seemed odd that a proper social cost-benefit analysis ( i.e. costs in environmental impact and national safety/security issues, versus longterm jobs and royalties gained) were not automatically used as the actual driver (or otherwise) of all such projects. Fifty long term jobs? Piffle.

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