Leap Year Days of Action for Climate Justice

25 02 2016
Leap Year 2016 calendar
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Small steps are no longer enough;

We are fast approaching February 29th, the beginning of the 2016 Leap Year. Every four years we add a day to our calendars to bring them into sync with the earth’s revolution around the sun—because it’s easier to change our human systems than to change the laws of nature.

To celebrate the Leap Year, groups in Canada and around the world are holding events to push for a justice-based transition away from fossil fuels and towards new economic and energy systems. From Vancouver to Prince Edward Island, Salt Lake City to Zagreb, there are teach-ins, film screenings, community forums, mobilizations and more:

—In Nelson, BC, high school students are organizing a 24 hour Leap Day sit-in with workshops and local speakers to push the government on bold climate action.

—In ZagrebCroatia Friends of the Earth are hosting a film screening and panel discussion titled “Climate change as an opportunity for building a more just world.”  

—In Peterborough, Ontario, community activists are holding an event celebrating and building on a forum held earlier in February that drew hundreds of people to discuss and commit to local actions suggested by the Leap Manifesto.

—In Fort Chipewyan, the Keepers of the Athabasca and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation are hosting a Leap Day installation of solar panels at the local Youth and Elder’s centre.

—In New York City, Bronx Climate Justice North will host a Leap Day discussion and will hold a vote to adopt their own version.

—Across Canada, ten Council of Canadians chapters are mobilizing for Leap Year, holding events and activities calling for action on climate change.

—On Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Naomi Klein and other leaders will stand with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to launch a new campaign to turn the postal offices into green community hubs powering Canada’s next economy.

With scores of groups holding dozens of events around the world, it’s clear there is powerful momentum to make 2016 a true Leap Year for the climate justice movement.

To find an event near you, or learn how to host your own, visit leapyear2016.org.

Ready to leap,
The Leap Manifesto Team

P.S. “First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win.” Greenpeace, the Council of Canadians, and the Canadian Union of Public Employees wrote a response to six months of attacks on the Leap Manifesto in Canada’s National Post.  Read it here.



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