Greenpeace: Save the Canadian Boreal Forests

27 01 2016

All around the world — from Indonesia and the Amazon, to the Canadian boreal — virgin forests are receding day by day.

Fortunately, here in Quebec, there are still vast swathes of forest that haven’t been touched by the logging industry. But I’m writing to you today because of a new threat to the Broadback, which we need your support to stop.

The provincial government is considering the approval of two highways into the pristine boreal forest at the heart of the traditional Waswanipi Cree territory in central Quebec. These roads not only threaten the unique biodiversity of this area — they could also lead to the construction of dozens more secondary roads, which would radically impact the habitat of many endangered species in the area.

>> Email the COMEX* now to stop the roads of destruction <<

The road building project has not yet been approved, so right now is the best chance we have to stop it from happening. But to have the best chance of success, the Waswanipi Cree need your support.

The COMEX exists to protect the interests of the local community and environment. For this reason, it simply cannot endorse such a destructive project. We have until February 18th to say no to the new roads.

The forest can not defend itself, and the Waswanipi Cree need us. Please, send a message to the president of the COMEX now.

Thank you for taking action.

In solidarity,

Nicolas Mainville

Head of the Forest Campaign, Greenpeace Canada

*COMEX is a committee that assesses the implementation of development projects on behalf of the Quebec government.

P.S. There are only 30 days for the public to send comments to the COMEX. Please act now to add your voice.

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