Green Party on TPP

27 01 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, known as the TPP, is the wrong deal for Canada.

Plain and simple, it puts our jobs, communities, and environment at risk.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives negotiated this deal, and Prime Minister Trudeau’s team is signalling that they want to sign it.

The TPP will weaken our food safety regulations, permitting previously banned growth hormones to find their way into milk sold in Canada.

The TPP will damage our copyright laws, allowing multinational corporations to profit at the expense of Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The TPP will make our medicine more expensive, protecting the profits of American pharmaceutical companies instead of Canadians in need of medical care.

And, the TPP will erode Canada’s sovereignty, allowing foreign corporations to sue for damages in secretive tribunals when our laws get in the way of their profits.

There is still time to stop this deal, but we need your help. Sign-on today to tell Prime Minister Trudeau not to ratify the TPP.

This is about protecting local jobs, Canadian consumers, and our treasured environment.

Make sure Prime Minister Trudeau hears your voice — add your name today. 

Here’s the link:


Paul Manly
Trade Critic
Green Party of Canada




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