Delta 5 Oil Train Blockaders Win Demand for Climate Evidence

27 01 2016

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Just over a week ago in Lynnwood, Washington, five activists known as the Delta 5 went on trial for blockading an oil train and something extraordinary happened. For the first time in U.S. history, a judge allowed the jury to hear expert testimony in a climate trial about why it was necessary for upstanding people to break the law in order to prevent greater harm. After they were released from their duties, three of the six jurors in the case approached the defense team to thank the defendants for their powerful, principled action. There were hugs, tears, and pledges to join the defendants at a lobby day opposing oil trains.


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Delta 5 defendant, Jackie Minchew, writes, “The Climate Disobedience Center was a tremendous help to the Delta 5, not only in preparing for the trial, but throughout the week of the trial, as well.  From helping us prepare our statements to helping us plan our strategy, they were there for us with meetings, online conversations, and email exchanges.  Having them on site for the trial was a big boost, and their media outreach was amazing.  Tim, Marla, Ken and Jay were so supportive through the trial and I feel honored to have gotten to know them.  I urge you to support them in their efforts on behalf climate change action in what ever way you can.”

It was inspiring for each of us to work with Abby, Mike, Patrick, Liz and Jackie (the incredible Delta 5), their legal team, and their support crew from Rising Tide Seattle. We are grateful to have been invited to join them. You can find much more information about the trial at and on the Climate Disobedience Center website.

We are just getting started supporting bold and principled actions like the Delta 5, and your help now will enable us to continue. Already we are in conversations with activists in Wisconsin, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, California and Oklahoma.


We are digging into this work with everything we’ve got, but right now our email list is only about 800 people. We know that so many others are ready to support and engage in transformation action with us. Please help us to reach others by:

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Thank you for your help. As ever, if you are ready to take action or have already gotten into some good trouble, let us know how we can support you.

Power to the People,

– Jay, Marla, Tim and Ken
   The Climate Disobedience Center Team




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