Dear Bryan Gallant

11 12 2015

One of our readers, who publishes Dear Bryan Gallant, sent in these letters for publication:

This fall, the Director of Fish and Wildlife at DNR returns from four weeks of forced leave to find four of his Wildlife Conservation Biologists repositioned and his office staff re-structured. About that same time, Dr. Eilish Cleary was placed on forced leave with no explanation. This world class public health defender is later fired with no explanation. Without a reasonable explanation, we can assume that this is an attack on our natural resources and public health by corporate interests.

December 6, 2015

Dear Brian Gallant,

“From the New Brunswick Liberal Platform in 2014, under the heading, “Clean Air, Water and a Safe Environment”
We live in a province of tremendous natural beauty, which is why government must take its responsibility to protect our environment for the next generation. This includes ensuring that there is proper independent oversight and that government policy promotes initiatives to improve the environment. A Liberal government will protect and improve our environment by: Insuring the independence of medical officers of health.”

Where did the intentions behind that statement go? Or did they never exist? I heard yesterday that the provincial deer harvest is now at a 100 year low. One very significant reason for this that we can scientifically substantiate is: We are destroying their habitat. Irvings clearcutting operations are designated within one half of the deer yards in New Brunswick. The spraying kills the blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mountain ash hawthorne etc etc etc and many invertebrate subspecies that the entire ecosystem depends on to survive. This is not disputable but we need people like Dr. Eilish Cleary to speak on our behalf. In her absence, here is an excellent article on the state of our publicly owned forests as it stands now:

Brian, it is your responsibility to stop this corporate capture. It is our responsibility to understand that we have to adjust our livestyles and livelihoods so that we can survive happily without pipelines, tailing ponds, destructive forestry practices and any other abuse that puts our life support system (aka the environment) in last place. These public forests, which represent 50% of the area within New Brunswick, belong to the citizens of New Brunswick and it’s use and benefit should be for the citizens of New Brunswick. Not for Irving to wipe it clean, ship our all the premium logs and make our provinces #1 and #2 exports out of the rest (toilet paper and 2×4’s) and then spray it with a probable carcinogenic (Glyphosate). Anyone who is not upset is definately not paying attention. This is crazy.

On behalf of my children, I am very upset. Did you not swear an oath to serve the people of New Brunswick? This paints a very bleak future for the children of our province.

Peter Gilbert
66 Mountain Road
Smithfield, NB

Update (Dec. 7, 2015)

I attended a peace and friendship gathering at the St. Marys Community Room on the weekend as I was looking for information about any way I can contribute to reversing this decision. It was a powerful meeting involving several NGO’s from around the province and representatives from various native communities. I found out about this rally outside HBC place on King St. in Fredericton that was held today from 11:30-1:30. There are a lot of people who are very fired up about this issue and a long term sustained plan is being developed to let Brian Gallant and his corporate supporters know that we deserve Dr. Eilish Clearys voice to be heard in any solutions that are put forward.




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