DAL Prof. and Ecojustice File Suit Against Climate Fraud

8 12 2015

Climate denying and misinformation can not be tolerated.

Today our very own Professor Tom Duck (Physics and Atmospheric Science) in conjunction with Ecojustice, filed a criminal complaint against climate change denier group called Friends of Science.

After almost 100 complaints from the public that their billboard advertisements were climate-denying nonsense, courts in Quebec agreed that the advertisements were false and misleading.

“These groups attempt to discredit the established scientific consensus that global warming and climate change are real and caused by human activity,” Duck said in a statement. “The reality, causes and consequences of climate change are well understood.”
The article also include investigation into where Friends of Science gets its funding. You guessed it, much of it comes from the fossil fuel industry.

The complaint is significant because it would start proceedings that could lead to the examining of witnesses, turnover of documents, and disclosure of donors.

What does this mean for Divest Dal? 

Ecojustice is using legal avenues to do exactly what Divest Dal seeks to do. Limit the social license of fossil fuel companies. You can support their efforts by sharing the Vancouver Observer article on social media. If you are a twitter user be sure to tag @ecojustice_ca and @tomjduck

See the full article from the Vancouver Observer here




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