St. Lawrence sewage dump underway in Montreal

11 11 2015

The city moves ahead with its plan to dump 8 billion litres of wastewater into the St. Lawrence River

CBC News Posted: Nov 11, 2015 7:18 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 11, 2015 11:31 AM ET

The sewage dump could finish ahead of its week-long schedule depending on how work goes.

The sewage dump could finish ahead of its week-long schedule depending on how work goes. (Charles Contant/CBC

The City of Montreal’s controversial sewage dump project started just after midnight and will continue for the next seven days, despite a protest by about 40 people.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said the city met the conditions imposed by Environment Canada to proceed with its plan to dump eight billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River.

The protesters took to the foot of the Mercier Bridge on Montreal’s South Shore on Tuesday night, in hopes of stopping the dumping of the sewage, but to no avail.

On Wednesday, students at Kahnawake Survival School will join other Kahnawake Mohawks at a bonfire close to the bridge, where a statement denouncing the city’s plan will be read.

Coderre stood by the city’s decision to dump untreated wastewater into the river on Wednesday morning.

“We don’t have a choice but to do planned work,” he said.

The project is part of construction work on the Bonaventure Expressway.

Montreal St. Lawrence river

The City of Montreal is dumping eight billion litres of untreated wastewater into the St. Lawrence River over the next several days. (Radio-Canada)

The city says it needs to shut down an interceptor — a major sewer that collects the effluent from a network of other sewer lines on its way to the water treatment plant — for maintenance and to link it to a new snow dump site. The wastewater will be diverted into the river as a result.

Over the next week, the sewage will be diverted to discharge points along the river.

There are 12 boroughs and seven cities which had some or all sewage diverted to the southeast interceptor.

 Sewage dump could finish ahead of schedule

At 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, work crews will begin working on the interceptor to repair it. They will work in shifts, 24 hours a day, until work is completed.

The dumping could be over in less than a week if the work is finished ahead of time.

Richard Fontaine, director of Montreal’s wastewater treatment plant, told Radio-Canada that the project is going smoothly.

“I adamantly hope that it will be shorter but you have to let me go inside the interceptor before I can confirm that ” Fontaine said.

On Tuesday Coderre said there would not be any odours. Fontaine told Radio-Canada that while he hopes that is the case, it is possible there could be some odours emanating from the river.

“It’s normal. We’re changing the current of the river and we’re mixing the sediments that are present in the collectors,” said Fontaine.

Others take extra precautions

The municipality of Longueuil, located on Montreal’s South Shore, will take daily samples from the river for testing.

The town will also have its own patrol team composed of biologists and emergency services monitoring the north and south ends of the river. Workers on the boat will document photos of the state of the St. Lawrence.

Radio-Canada confirmed that Bota Bota, a spa located in Montreal’s Old Port along the river, will close its doors on Thursday and Friday as a preventive measure.




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13 11 2015
Yvon a Moreault

I have never seen a comment on your site.

13 11 2015

There are hundreds of comments. 389 to be exact.

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