NS Climate Activist Kiki Wood and Canadian Youth Climate Coalition Welcome PM Justin Trudeau

6 11 2015
Yesterday, myself and 38 others risked arrest outside the gates of Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s current residence. We sat in for just over 4 hours with gifts of scientific studies, economic reports and Indigenous Treaties 1 through 11 to confirm the scientific, moral, and ethical imperative that the tar sands must stay in the ground.

Across the country, support poured in from friends and allies calling the Prime Minister’s office demanding that he meet our demand to take action on climate change by committing to an immediate freeze on tar sands expansion and a justice-based transition to a clean energy economy. Near the end of the day, a representative of the Prime Ministers Office came to receive the gifts and assured us he would personally deliver them to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and new Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna. We presented the gifts and left without arrest, but we haven’t received the commitment we came for. We made it clear we’ll be back today with twice as many people and different compelling gifts that make the case for climate action clear and irrefutable.

If you were there, you know how exhilarating and beautiful it was to take bold action together. If you weren’t, you can join us as we sit in again today.

If you have any logistical questions about taking part, visit the Climate Welcome website. 

Yesterday was Justin Trudeau’s first day as Prime Minister, and we made sure he got a climate welcome. Because we need much more from him than a nod of acknowledgement from a staff member in the PMO. We need a commitment to a plan that’s in line with the science of climate change – which means keeping the tar sands in the ground.

We’ll be there again for the next three days delivering more gifts that remind the Prime Minister that he needs to commit to real action on climate change. And next time, we’re going to sit in until we are received by the Prime Minister.

Thank you for helping us deliver this message – make sure you visit the website to see pictures from today and to confirm all the details about the upcoming days of action.

See you in the streets,

Kiki Wood


p.s. If you can’t join our organizing efforts, you can help make sure the CYCC can continue to do important work like the Canadian Youth Delegation and PowerShift by becoming a monthly supporter.

-=-=-The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition · Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2B6, Canada
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