Dr. John Cherry on the Shale Gas Experiment Tues. Nov. 17 Fredericton

6 11 2015

I am a spokesperson for the New Brunswick Anti Shale Gas Alliance (NBASGA).  We are sponsoring the event below and ask that you publish it in the Harbinger.  Besides the blurb below I have attached a pdf and jpeg version of the public poster.  Let me know if you need anything else.  Thanks, Jim

Free Public Presentation

The Shale Gas Experiment
with Dr. John Cherry, Distinguished Emeritus Professor, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Tuesday, Nov 17 at 7 PM
Charlotte St. Arts Centre Auditorium
732 Charlotte St.
Fredericton, NB

In recent years, New Brunswick media have been filled with the opinions and scientific claims of both opponents and supporters of shale gas development.

To provide clarity about some of these claims and to continue its efforts to bring objective science on the issue of shale gas to the citizens of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance welcomes respected hydro-geologist, Dr. John Cherry to Fredericton.

Dr. Cherry served as the Chair of the 2014 Council of Canadian Academies report, Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada.”  As he is neither an advocate nor opponent of shale gas, his analysis is even more compelling.

You won’t want to miss this what this man has to say.  More information on the presentation can be found on our website (link below). Please share via email lists, Facebook and Twitter.

Jim Emberger for
New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance

www.noshalegasnb.caJohn Cherry poster-1




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6 11 2015
Jim Emberger

Wow, fasting posting I’ve ever seen. Thanks! Jim

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