Mulcair Vigorously Defends Energy East Pipeline “Under a different regulatory regime”

26 09 2015

On The House, Chris Hall interviews Thomas Mulcair on September 26. Mulcair vigorously defended the Energy East Pipeline, and other fossil fuel projects “Under a different regulatory regime” that includes refining raw bitumen in Canada, creating “value-added” products. Listen to the full interview at the link below.

Chris: Energy East?

Mulcair: Yes,

Chris: You are for it if its under a different regulatory regime and proper environmental review.And if it carries refined oil products, is that the bottom line?

Mulcair: There’s no way I will approve Energy East under the process that’s there now. There’s no clear, thorough, credible process. I am a former environment minister. I’ve done this. And I know how tough it can be when things are controversial. But if you work with people and you’re transparent and you have legislation that can believed in. But Mr. Harper has gutted a whole bunch of our laws, everything from  the Navigable Waters Protection Act to Species at Risk to the Fisheries. Stephen Harper hasn’t been able to build a kilometre of pipeline since he formed government. And there’s a reason for it. You can’t get through, you can’t . . .

Chris: So you’re prepared to build pipelines under a different regulatory review?

Mulcair: I’ll tell you what we won’t do. We won’t build things, or we won’t approve things like Keystone XL that represents the export of forty thousand Canadian jobs. We’d like to add value to our natural resources here as a priority, and that would include upgrading, refining, adding value otherwise to our natural resources. Stephen Harper’s “rip and ship” approach is no way to develop the economy.

Chris; So refined here in Quebec, refined in Saint John, refined in Alberta, does it matter to you?

Mulcair: No. Not at all.

Chris: So long as it’s refined by Canadians in Canada.

Mulcair: Refined, upgraded, we add value to our products here, that’s the way to go.




One response

5 10 2015

Mr Mulcare does not seem to realize that there is no safe way to transport this junk across Canada! They all failed! We cannot aford to poison our waters and that of following generations. Wake up Mr Mulcare!

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