Babineau, GP Fredericton, Signs and Supports the Leap Manifesto

23 09 2015

Mary Lou Babineau, Green Party candidate and Labour and Employment Critic (Fredericton), supports the call for a Canada based on environmental stewardship and respect for indigenous rights. Media Release (09/21/2015) Fredericton, NB – “The Leap Manifesto shares many similarities with the Green Party’s platform,” said Ms. Babineau. “It speaks about the fact that Canada has moved away from the values that were once unmistakably identified with Canada’s character and identity and it calls for immediate action, which Canadians dearly want. I invite everyone to check it out, and notice all of the famous and well-respected Canadians who have endorsed the Leap Manifesto!”

The Leap Manifesto focuses on Justice, care for the earth, jobs, climate action, indigenous rights, among other key issues. It has been backed up by many notable individuals and organizations from all over Canada.


Mary Lou Babineau Campaign | Campagne de Mary Lou Babineau
Suite 101, 61 Carleton Street, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 3T2




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