Greens on the Ground in Halifax Metro

17 09 2015

Elizabeth May’s recent visit brought us much encouragement and optimism. We are finally getting a strong and energetic Green Party campaign off the ground in Halifax.

We now have on-the-ground teams responsible for 1) campaign signs (headed by Michael, Charlotte and Bruce), 2) volunteers and events (Raina and Shari-Lynn), and 3) a media team (Casey, Tom and Kai). And, of course, we have our official agent (Megan).

I am super excited to have young greens also jumping into action coordinated by David (for Dal) and Laura (for SMU). Our campaign is strengthened with the involvement of our younger electorate. They hold the future. We all are excited about spending time at the universities talking about the new platform and encouraging our youth to become engaged (and to vote). We have debates coming up and the Dal Young Greens are planning several tabling events. We are also working on events at SMU (hoping that NSCAD joins in). There is still lot’s to do and more help is always welcome.

This brings me to my brief bid to seek help with funds (and please only those who can easily afford it). I don’t like waste, so have reused my existing signs and the wood from previous elections. However we need more visibility, so we have produced a few beautiful new Green Party signs. These signs are not dated and they can be reused in the future. We would now like to print at least one simple rack card to help us disseminate information about the Greens and to provide material for the Young Greens for the tabling events.

Remember that you get 75% of your donations up to $400 back in your next tax return, so your donation actually directs some of our taxes to the Green Party and not just the other big parties.

To make your official donation click here or contact

And don’t forget to vote (I strongly recommend you check your registration on the Election Canada web site).

Thomas Trappenberg
Candidate, Halifax
Green Party of Canada




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