Green Party: Abolish Tuition, Limit Back Debt, Fully Costed Program

16 09 2015

Dear Voters:
I know firsthand what it is like to face crushing student debt.

As a father, hardly a day goes by where I don’t think about how I can ensure that my daughters don’t face the same burden that I did when I was a student and young adult.

That is why I am so proud and excited by the Green Party’s pledge to abolish tuition fees for college, university and skills-training programs.

Last week, as part of our fully-costed election platform, we laid out a plan to ensure that students and their families will no longer have to worry about the prospect of graduating with mountains of debt.

As our plan is being phased in, we will invest in the success of current students, jumpstart the Canadian economy, and give our graduates a hand-up by implementing a debt relief program.

Whether you are a contractor looking to perfect your trade, a recent university graduate burdened by student debt, or — like me — the parent of young teens just a few years away from going off to school, our plan will help you.

Sign-on today to support Elizabeth May and the Green Party’s plan to abolish tuition fees and eliminate student debt.

In a country as wealthy as Canada it is unacceptable that qualified students can miss out on the education they deserve just because they aren’t able to afford tuition.

We can do better than our current system.

Add your name in support of the Green Party plan today.

I'm In



Craig Cantin
Executive Deputy Director
Green Party of Canada




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