Mary Lou Babineau and the Greens in Fredericton

22 08 2015
It’s official! The writ is dropped, campaign headquarters is open, and I am registered with Elections Canada as the Green candidate in the riding of Fredericton. Now we need you to get on board!

We CAN win this campaign, just like David Coon won last September. We know what it takes: a hard-working candidate (that’s me), backed up by a tireless campaign team (check!), and YOU!

Here’s how you can help:

Let’s start with the easiest job – share everything with your friends:  this bulletin by email, my Facebook postsmy website. If you are on Twitter, follow me and retweet my posts. Click on the links or see the “Share” box below. We need to reach thousands of people in this riding with our campaign message. The easiest way to do that is through email and social media networks, and you are a critical hub in this venture.

Then the next easiest. Make a donation to the campaign. No amount is too small (but some are too big – the personal maximum is $1,500 to the Mary Lou Babineau Camapign and $1,500 to the Fredericton Green Party Association, for a total of $3000 in one year). The tax credit for political donations means that next spring you will get back as much as 75% of what you give. Details are on the donate page.

Finally, sign up to volunteer – either click on the link, or phone Patricia at 262-5464. There are tasks for every skill and passion, from canvassing with me (my most important job right now) and taking shifts at the reception desk, to baking cookies and making green Warm ‘n Fuzzies (Green bling as one supporter calls them). If you have never been active in a political campaign before, here’s your chance to get an inside view. Just like in the real world, volunteers make the our world go round.

Now for some campaign updates.

IMPORTANT: YOU CAN VOTE NOW AT THE ELECTIONS CANADA RETURNING OFFICE. It is in the office building at the corner of Hanwell and Prospect. Go to the door around the back. Their current hours are 8-5, Monday-Friday. Since the voter registration process has changed (thanks to Harper’s UNFair Elections Act), make sure you know what pieces of identification you will need to be able to vote. You can check if you are already registered, and find out how to get registered, at this Elections Canada link. I urge you to vote early.

The headquarters opening was a great success, with nearly 100 people showing up. The office will be open from 8 to 8, Monday through Saturday for this first part of the campaign.This is volunteer-central now, so please drop in. We’re at 61 Carleton St., between Queen and King.

I am thrilled to announce that my brother, Mike Babineau, has assumed the mantle of Campaign Manager. He is taking a leave from his businesses (The Blue Door and Cora’s) to steer the campaign to a successful end, and nobody is better placed to do this. Thank you, Mike!

Mike takes over from Maggie Fitzgerald who has just left for Carleton University in Ottawa where she will begin PhD studies. I can’t thank Maggie enough for getting us to where we are today. I hope she can join us on election night!

I also want to welcome to our campaign team two fabulous women: Arianne Melara as communications director and Patricia Harris as volunteer coordinator. You are sure to meet them when you come by the office.

This week’s heat wave threw our canvass off-kilter for a few days, but it didn’t stop our sign team. HUGE THANKS to our entire signs team for getting the first of our big signs up! If you want a lawn sign, just phone the office – 451-8683 – we deliver!

Finally, I have had great fun at two celebrations in Fredericton – Pride Week, and the Acadian National Festival. The diversity of our city is amazing and we are all enriched by it. I would be honoured to represent Fredericton in Ottawa. Let’s make that happen!

See you on the campaign trail!

Mary Lou Babineau
Green Party of Canada candidate, Fredericton Riding

My daughter Néomi cuts the skipping rope-ribbon on our campaign headquarters.
61 Carleton Street. Drop in!
WHAT I HEARD TODAY: “It’s HOT. It’s really, really HOT!” Thanks to Karen Hine for canvassing with me in Lincoln Heights during some very intense hours. Thank you also to the kind people in Lincoln Heights for inviting us in, offering us water, and wishing us luck!
Campaign manager’s first job – build signs in 30 degree+ heat!
At the Pride Parade with NB Green Party leader and Fredericton South MLA David Coon.
La fête nationale de l’Acadie avec mon amie, Alice.



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