Directly Affected: A Documentary About Energy East

14 08 2015

(Français à suivre — French to follow).

My name is Zack Embree, and for the last 60 days, my BC-based documentary team and I travelled the Energy East Pipeline route talking to everyday people who are being impacted by short-sighted energy policy, and a broken regulatory process.

The film project is entitled Directly Affected. It looks at the Energy East and Trans Mountain pipelines—the affects on the health of our economy, our environment and our democracy. The film features many courageous voices from those who are speaking out about the risks of these projects.

See a sneak peek of the film, here!

Were you surprised that the National Energy Board disclosed the entire commenter and intervenor list in previous emails?

We were. But we were also relieved to see that this community is speaking out, and organizing together.

Thank you to Grand Chief Serge Simon of the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake and others for your courage to step forward and speak out. Your understanding of this flawed process, and your passion to building community is inspiring.


Like you, we are all also involved in the National Energy Board process. We see this is an opportunity to reach out to everyone who shares concerns regarding these pipelines, and to raise voices in opposition.

In April last year, we decided to create a film, to give voice to people muted by the NEB process. People like us. We need to have critical conversations to make good decisions now and for future generations. In the context of flawed National Energy Board process, this is impossible.

Major changes were made to the National Energy Board Act in an attempt to sideline legitimate debate, in order to favour pipeline and oil industry proponents. We know that countless people are standing up and demanding a better way, and we need to support this movement.

In the era of climate change, the challenges we collectively face are immense.


Directly Affected is more than a media project, it is a growing community, we invite you to be a part of it. We are working on building a web platform to feature your stories—our story—of those directly affected by fossil fuel projects across the country.

Ultimately, it is the story of a whole country that can step up into the clean energy age, and must.   

Right now, our project is fundraising for a national screening event. We only have 24 hours to go!

With your help, we will amplify this story in hundreds of communities with thousands of people across Canada this fall.

Here is the link to support the project, connect with us on Facebook and Twitterand our website

P.S. You can see a news article about this cross country trip, and our first short film featured in The Tyee here.


The Directly Affected Team

+1 604 227 3694




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