Green Party To Add Prescription Medication to Public Health Care

29 07 2015

No Canadian should ever struggle to make ends meet just because of their health.

This idea inspired Canadians to work together and build a public health care system that, at one time, was the envy of the world.

However, our current system is broken — it doesn’t provide coverage for the critical prescription medications that so many Canadians rely upon day in, day out.

That is why this election, the Green Party of Canada is taking action. Today, I joined Elizabeth May in Victoria to announce our plan to expand public health coverage to include prescription medication.

The math is simple. Canadians are four times more likely not to fill their prescriptions if they have to pay out of pocket, which just isn’t healthy.

Meanwhile, our per capita spending on prescriptions is more than double what people in other countries pay in their public systems, which just doesn’t make economic sense.

By switching to a system where a central bulk-buying agency purchases prescription medication, Canadians would save upwards of $10 billion a year. In addition to the cost savings, we will apply greater rigour to drug registration, ensuring all prescription medication is safe for you and your family.

Our plan will create a truly universal health care system, which will finally ensure no Canadian ever has to face a financial crisis because of their health needs.

We can make this plan a reality — all it takes is your support.

Sign-on today, and say that you support the Green Party’s vision for truly universal health care.

Together, we can ensure no Canadian has to lose sleep worrying about whether they or their family will have to choose between their health, or putting food on the table.

Lets work together to ensure Canadian families get the health coverage they deserve.

Sign-on today, and show your support for a better health care system.



Frances Litman
Candidate, Esquimalt–Saanich–Sooke
Green Party of Canada




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