Sisson Brook Mine Threatens Protected Natural Area NB

7 07 2015

The above pdf is Larry Wuest’s excellent presentation to the panel reviewing Sisson Mine held last month.

There is a Protected Natural Area at the location where modeling shows a lake of contaminated tailings forming in the event of a breach of the 6-8km long berm on the tailings pond.  The Sisson project failure would destroy this area almost completely.

In addition, Larry demonstrates very clearly the economic non-viability of this venture. Taxpayers will be left with the cost of cleanup, social assistance, etc. if/when the berm breaches. New Brunswick can’t afford this project.

If anyone needs more evidence that the above scenario happens, and that tax dollars and the environment always pay when these engineering “miracles” go sideways, go to or check out images of Mount Polley on google.

Confession: I know nothing about mining, but I am a taxpayer, and know that our environment needs our protection, not being laid waste in the fashion proposed by Sisson. I also trust a disinterested, knowledgeable person like Larry Wuest to tell us the truth over those with a vested interest in the mine proceeding. We owe Mr. Wuest a big debt of gratitude for doing the Province’s due diligence for us.


Margo Sheppard





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