Mary Lou Babineau Running for MP Green Party in Fredericton Riding

25 06 2015

We got a winner here folks! Get behind Mary Lou Babineau 100%

Hello. My name is Mary Lou Babineau and I couldn’t be more proud to carry the Green Party of Canada (GPC) banner for the riding of Fredericton in the upcoming federal election.I believe people are ready for real change. David Coon’s election as Fredericton South MLA in September 2014 has proven that. As leader of the NB Greens, David is reinforcing what GPC leader Elizabeth May has already shown – Green politicians are motivated by integrity and public service, not power. Greens have real solutions to real problems, and they work harder than anyone elsein government for their constituents.

This is the commitment that I bring to my campaign to become your Member of Parliament. 

My job between now and October 19 is to earn your trust and respect. To do this, I want to meet as many of you as possible so I can hear about your priorities. And I want to answer your questions about me as your candidate, and about the Green Party of Canada. I have already visited 3000 homes and I pledge to knock on everyone’s door this summer.

I will be sending regular bulletins to update you on my campaign. Meanwhile, you can learn more about me and the Green Party of Canada on my website.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I post “What I heard today” daily canvassing reports.

I would also like to hear from you.  What are your thoughts, ideas or concerns? You can contact me at, or by phoning our campaign office at 451-VOTE (8683).

I hope you stay with us – and please share this with your friends.

For a sustainable future,

Mary Lou Babineau
Green Party of Canada candidate, Fredericton Riding

This is why I am running for Parliament. We have to have their future in mind in every decision we make.
WHAT I HEARD TODAY in MARYSVILLE: “I SURE AM ready for some change!”
In April, I spoke at a rally where hundreds of people voiced their opposition to the Harper government’s Bill C-51, which was passed into law just last week. The Green Party supports repealing the Act in a new Parliament.



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