Green Social in Dartmouth Thurs. 25

23 06 2015

What Does Green Economics Mean?
When: Thursday, June 25th, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where:Cafe 101, Holiday Inn, Dartmouth
Sustainability, prosperity, de-growth, community economic development—how do we envision the economy of tomorrow?
We know that the economy is a “wholly owned subsidiary of the environment” (1). Green parties around the world embrace the idea that social justice is compatible with a healthy planet. What economic model best reflects these principles?
In the lead up to the federal election, and the By-Elections in Dartmouth South, Sydney-Whitney Pier, and Cape Breton Centre, income inequality is causing ripples. Can we grab this chance to advocate for a different way of doing business?
Matthew Furlong will guide a discussion focused onalternatives to the current economic paradigm. Currently the Communications Officer at ANSUT (Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers), Matthew’s background in political economy and labour will enliven and enrich our discussion of green economics.
Join the conversation and help shape a greener tomorrow. Everyone welcome!
1) Gaylord Nelson. Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise.



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