Chronicle Herald Pushes Fracking

12 06 2015

The Chronicle Herald continues to push for fracking in Nova Scotia. They are currently developing regulations. Who is advising them? Industry?

Regulations on hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia won’t be released for another few months, says NS Energy Minister Michel Samson.
“We want to make sure that Nova Scotians are comfortable with this,” said Samson. “They have great concerns about high-volume hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia. We want to ensure we look at all the evidence that’s out there.”
Tory Leader Jamie Baillie doesn’t agree with this approach.
“Nova Scotians need two things right now — jobs and leadership,” he said. “To me, a government that leads puts the rules in place so communities can then decide if they want to move forward.”

CH Business Editor Roger Taylor points out that gas exports to China or wherever are going to get a better dollar, so Nova Scotians won’t be enjoying cheap gas (we sold ours to New England). Perhaps the solution is to not be putting in expensive infrastructure for gas!

❝If the LNG exporters are using the pipeline to provide a supply of natural gas to places like India and Europe, it limits the amount of gas available to feed demand from Maritimers, he says.

The gas is being liquefied and exported in the first place because there are areas outside North America willing to pay even higher prices than Maritimers, says McDonald, president of Energy Atlantica Inc.❞  — Roger Taylor, Business Editor, Hfx Chronicle Herald

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One response

12 06 2015

If N. Scotians don’t need it now, why not keep iti for the heritage of your future generation who might need it dearly?

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