12 06 2015

Dr. John Cherry, groundwater contamination specialist, will present a public talk on hydraulic fracturing in Halifax on Monday, June 15, at 7 pm Atlantic Time (7:30pm Nfld time.)Cherry event RF

This event will be livestreamed, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rzavEiRF_o

Livestream how to: Shortly before the talk starts, 7 pm Atlantic time, Monday, June 15, the screen will go live.

For the Q and A period, to send your questions to the speaker type your question in the comment box and press post.  You will need to enter your name gender and birthdate before you can make a comment, unless you are already registered on YouTube.

The talk will be posted for future viewing at the same link.

Additional information at  https://www.facebook.com/events/458245201020204/

The presentation will be taped and will be posted for future viewing at the same link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rzavEiRF_o

Dr. John Cherry, hydrogeologist : “Hydraulic Fracturing: Should Nova Scotia Experiment?”

Cherry will focus on the many scientific uncertainties that still exist around fracking, and the need for substantial research to be done before any province embarks on development of shale gas.  “The science concerning most of the important impact questions is very immature,” Cherry states. “The research needed to address these questions has still not begun in any substantial way.”

Dr. Cherry was lead author of the Council of Canadian Academies 2014 report, Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada. He presently heads the University Consortium for Field-Focused Groundwater Contamination Research and is Associate Director of the G-360 Centre for Applied Groundwater Research based at University of Guelph.

The talk will take place at Kings College New Academic Building at 7 pm (7:30pm Newfoundland). Admission is free.

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