Elizabeth May Tables Bill in Support of Small Business

28 05 2015
May 28, 2015

Today, I tabled my latest Private Member’s Bill, the Creation of the Small Business Impact Assessment Act, as part of the Green Party’s plan to support Canadian small businesses.

"Think Small First" Bill

Employing more than 60 percent of Canadians, small businesses are vital to the Canadian economy. Small and medium sized enterprises are the real job creators. Supporting small business builds a whole value chain strengthening Canada’s economy.

My bill would ensure that the federal government supports and promotes small businesses by establishing a mandatory review process to consider the impacts of legislation on small businesses. It would amend the Department of Industry Act to establish a mandatory review of the potential impact any proposed government bill or regulation would have on small businesses.

A Small Business Impact Assessment would consider how changes to regulations and legislation would impact:
• Small businesses’ ability to seek financial assistance
• Conditions for investments in and by small businesses
• Small businesses’ ability to participate in a competitive marketplace
• The long-term viability and sustainability of small businesses.

I invite you to sign on to show your support for my “Think Small First” legislation, which will create a Canadian economy where sustainable small businesses can not only compete, but thrive.




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