Earth Day Initiative from David Coon, Green MLA

18 04 2015
As Greens we know that every day is Earth Day. We understand that our health and the health of our communities are dependent on clean air and water, healthy soils and ecosystems, and a stable climate. We know that future progress depends on economic policies that recognize this interdependence. This is one of the things that sets Greens apart from other parties.

I have the privilege to represent the people of Fredericton South in the Legislative Assembly and the opportunity to bring Green principles to bear on the debates there. My election has demonstrated that Greens can get elected in New Brunswick

Our task now is to build toward electing a team of Green MLAs next time.

Just being in the Legislature is laying the groundwork to build support across the province. The latest polling has the Green Party in double digit territory for the first time at 10%, and in third place for the first time.

I know we can, and we must, elect more Greens in the next election, so we have to start building now to realize that goal.

Our fundraising goal for remainder of 2015 is to raise $60,000. This is what it takes to ensure our team can start building towards the next provincial election in 2018

I am asking you to help us get there. Our fundraising target for this spring is $10,000.

We can easily get there if 100 of our supporters make a donation of $100, which after the tax credit only costs you $25. Of course a donation of any amount is a great help and much appreciated.

Thank you for making a difference.

Yours truly,

David Coon
Green Party of New Brunswick




One response

18 04 2015
Charles Mcfadden

I heartily recommend that you publish David Coon’s informative and thoughtful response to the Liberal provincial budget. It was an education for me and likely would be to most New Brunswickers.

Charles McFadden

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