NS Forestry Sustainable; NB Forestry So Cheap It Violates Trade Agreements

12 03 2015

Nova Scotia’s forest to be FSC certified

Nova Scotia has announced that they are moving towards Forest Steward Certification (FSC) of its public forest. Chris Miller, national conservation biologist for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and board member of FSC Canada, and Matt Miller, forestry co-ordinator for the Ecology Action Centre, call it a ray of light amid Nova Scotia’s forestry gloom. In New Brunswick, our forest is certified under the forest industry’s preferred Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). SFI allows herbicide spraying of clearcut lands to convert what was once natural and diverse forest areas to spruce, fir and pine plantations. Watch CBC’s Marketplace 2012 expose on SFI. Can we say it’s not worth the toilet paper it certifies?

Trade action against cheap Crown wood from New Brunswick

U.S. paper producers are taking trade action against Canadian competitors for dumping their product on their markets. The petition claims that the federal and provincial governments provide subsidies that include preferential loans, tax benefits, grant programs and cheap access to Crown land trees. Among the Canadian companies named in the petition: Irving Paper Ltd. New Brunswick woodlot owners have long argued that they can’t compete because of industry’s access to cheap Crown wood. One of the ways that forestry companies benefit from access to New Brunswick’s public forest is through funding of controversial silviculture practices, including herbicide spraying. According to data from Natural Resources, silviculture costs on Crown lands can exceed $1,000/ha. New Brunswickers continue to call for an end to herbicide spraying in the forest. We invite you to join us.

Conservation Council of New Brunswick /
Conseil de conservation du Nouveau-Brunswick
180 Saint John St.,
Fredericton, NB
E3B 4A9
Tel: 506 458-8747
Email: forest@conservationcouncil.ca


Facebook: Save the Acadian Forest
Twitter: @acadianforest




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