Clayton Thomas Mueller Stand Against Harper’s Secret Police Bill C-51

12 03 2015


By now, you’ve probably heard Stephen Harper’s arguments in favour of a new piece of legislation, called C-51, that threatens to criminalize all of the work we do together.

This bill would recklessly hand over vague new powers to Canada’s spies, effectively creating a ‘secret police.’ The bill is worded so vaguely, it’s almost guaranteed to become a tool to target peaceful social movements that threaten the Prime Minister and his powerful friends.

Our movements are about justice. We are transparent, open, people-driven and committed to non-violent, peaceful action. But that hasn’t stopped this government from targeting us with illegal and unjustified spying — including of me in my work supporting First Nations to defend our land, water and indigenous rights.

This bill is an abuse of democracy, and would give new powers to PM Harper,  the RCMP and CSIS to target First Nations, the climate movement, and many others. That’s why so many people are furious, and taking action to stop it.

There are nationwide protests planned this Saturday, March 14th, spearheaded by LeadNow. Will you join a local snap action to speak out against Harper’s reckless “Secret Police” bill this Saturday? 

Find your local #StopC51 National Day of Action event and RSVP here.

PM Harper has already expanded RCMP spying on First Nations activists, and this bill would give him the tools to criminalize social movements even further.

To criminalize Indigenous dissent is to repress Indigenous rights in Canada, and our responsibilities to protect the land. This bill is clearly not just about terrorism — it’s about providing a right-of-way for the mining and energy sector by intimidating the people who stand against them.

If there was ever a moment to hit the streets on this issue, it’s now. The Conservatives will likely spend the next few weeks making up their mind about whether they need to change their tune on this Secret Police bill. It’s so crucial that we don’t stand idly by while politicians and spy agencies try to trample our rights.

If you’re in, click here to find an action this Saturday, and I’ll see you in the streets and out on the land!




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