Transition Town Woodstock Forum Presentation by David Coon on the Future of NB

19 02 2015

Thursday 19 February 2015

Transition Town Woodstock Forum Presentation by David Coon on the Future of NB

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Transition Town Woodstock’s February Forum will host a presentation by David Coon, the Green Party of NB leader, and MLA for Fredericton South. The Forum will be held on Tuesday, February 24th, at 7 PM in the NB Community College theatre. David Coon will be presenting a vision for the future of the province and is eager to discuss his ideas and proposals with the citizens of New Brunswick.

Mr. Coon has become an active voice in the Legislative Assembly. On February 18th he introduced a bill entitled, “An Act to Return to the Crown Certain Rights Related to Wood Supply and Forest Management.” A discussion of this bill will be included in his presentation on February 24th. He is also focused on food security in New Brunswick and on the opportunities for job creation in both the agricultural and renewable energy sectors.

TTW Forums are open to the public without charge. Bring a friend!

The next TTW Forum will be on March 31st with a presentation by Hugh Williams, Executive Director of METAPRA Associates on the question, “Can the Human Services Survive in New Brunswick’s Economy.”

If you are planning on travelling up from the Fredericton area please get hold of me to see if we can arrange car pooling. admin at tragedyofthecommons dot ca. PG

Saturday 14 February 2015

Tragedy of the Commons

‘Ruin is the destination towards which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. Freedom in a commons brings ruins to all.’

– Garret Hardin

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Ruin is the result when we consume common resources without respect to operational limits. The earth’s life support systems have a fixed carrying capacity. We can not take as much as we want to serve our self interests without respecting this sacred balance. Take no more than you need and respect the effects of our shared resource consumption.

– PG

Now, tell the premiere what you think and ask your friends to tell the premiere what they think. Ask your friends to ask their friends. The voice of reason must be heard. The pipeline and the deforestation in this province are insane at this point in time. We are peak everything doing limitless business as usual toward an impossible situation.

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Live simply so that others may simply live.

– Gandhi


I went to a sourdough class last Wednesday. Thursday I started another batch of kombucha, bottled up my 7 day old kombucha and fed half the sourdough starter from the class with whole wheat unbleached organic flour from Speerville and half with heritage Acadia organic flour from Speervile. Really fun learning experience and details to follow once I find time.

— I now understand more about why high moisture no knead breads are the only way to go for a lot of people. There is a lot to grasp in order to maintain your own bacteria and yeast culture. Using it to properly rise bread is a whole other story.

There are only two ways to produce bread products. You can use commercial yeast (e.g. flieshcmans yeast) or use a naturally leavened starter. Understanding the differences between the two helped me understand why I needed to get my kids eating naturally leavened products, and as little commercially yeasted products as possible.

The difference between commercially yeasted products and naturally leavened products is why it is important to maintain your own starter culture and use it to naturally leaven your bread. The story of Naturally Leavened Bread by Jacques de Langre provides the best explanation I could find about that difference.

Here’s a comprehensive review of sourdough from Ran Prieur:

More to come: real life starter culture failures and success this past weekend.

— February 16, 2015

So last weekend the pretzel bits were a total failure. Little tiny bricks and I couldn’t blame it on the kids. The pancakes were okay.

Since then I’ve learned how to maintain my starter for the amount of baking I will be using it for and how to freshen the starter in preparation for baking. I have 120g (1 cup) of starter in the basement where the temperature is 15C. The feeding schedule would be twice daily at 22C and once a week in the fridge (5C). So I’ll try to feed it every 3 days or so. When I do this feeding I’ll remove 60g of starter out and put back 30g flour and 30g water. Bring the removed starter up to room temperature for 4 hours (22c here). Feed it and let it sit another 4 hours before returning it to cold storage.

What to do with the starter that was removed?

Pancakes – take 60g starter and feed it that night 30g water and 30g flour. The next morning feed it (120g starter) again 60g flour and 60g water. This will produce 2 cups (240g) starter for this pancake recipe.

This will produce 7-8 medium sized pancakes. Cut the recipe in half for half the pancakes. I did pancakes this way exactly this morning and they were awesome. The kids and I totally loved the taste, really complex and flavorful compared to regular pancakes.

Muffins – take 30g starter and feed it that night 15g water and 15g flour. The next morning feed it again (60g starter) 30g flour and 30g water. This will produce 1 cup (120g) starter for this berry muffin recipe Make a double batch if you want to use all of the discarded starter. These muffins are awesome tasting and full of all the goodness a sourdough culture provides your baked products.

Bread – you really want to develop the a healthy culture for making bread if you want to fully leaven the dough. take 15g starter, feed it as above (using 50% hydration) until you’ve got 240g of starter after your fourth feeding. Once the starter culture has peaked, use it to make this whole wheat sourdough bread is planned for tomorrow.

note: all of the starter above is at 50% hydration. adjust initial starter and feeding quantities to achieve a different hydration. This hydration level works very well for all of the above recipes although 100% hydration seems to be standard for sourdough starters that don’t use whole wheat flour.



Sunday 8 February 2015

Local Prosperity

POSTPONED – Rescheduled events T.B.A.

What can I do?

I follow the New Brunswick Environmental Network Event Calendar.

I found a discussion that interested me about rural economies.

I contacted the presenter (Gregory Heming) and invited him to come to Harvey to speak as well. Mr. Heming graciously said yes.

I found local funding to cost share his trip.

I did up a flyer.

I am working on exposure for the discussion.

I can’t wait to hear him talk.

I can’t figure out how to link to the pdf of the flyer, but here is the content:

Gregory Heming , Municipal Councillor, District 5, Annapolis County, NS. will be delivering a talk and hosting a discussion on alternative options for rural economies. Mr. Heming will talk about the reality of creating a new economic narrative, one that is happening in many communities throughout the Maritimes and across Canada.

Events scheduled for February 20-21 have been postponed. New event schedule T.B.A.

“…business-as-usual is not quite good enough. {Local communities} have begun to embrace not only ecological economics but are also exploring the long-term effect of what some economists are calling ‘restorative economies’; essentially restoring land and people to a new beginning and a more equal and prosperous longer-term future.” (Gregory Heming in Rural Delivery Magazine Feb-March 2015.)

Gregory Heming is chair of the Annapolis County Economic Development Committee; founder and President of the Centre For Local Prosperity; member Annapolis County Municipal Climate Change Action Plan; co-chair, executive committee Fundy Energy Research Network; and honorary member Canada Club of Rome. He holds a PhD in ecology and northern studies with post-graduate studies in religion and philosophy. He lives with his wife Christine live on a small farm in historic Port Royal, NS.



Think about what you can do.

contact me for more information or if you would like me to email you a pdf of the event flyer: admin at tragedyofthecommons dot ca PG




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