Greens Only MPs to Stand Against Harper’s Secret Police

8 02 2015

Did you see this in the Toronto Star?

“So far, the only opposition MP with enough guts to critique the content of the Conservative government’s new anti-terror bill is Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.”

Last week, Stephen Harper introduced a new anti-terrorism bill that is invasive, overreaching and dangerously vague.

This new legislation risks turning the Canadian Security Intelligence Service into a “secret police force” without the proper oversight or accountability.

The Liberals and the NDP have chosen to play it safe — afraid that if they stand up for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms they will be attacked as “soft on terrorism”.

Stand with Elizabeth May today — add your voice and tell the government and opposition that our civil liberties are more important than partisan politics.

Green Party MPs will continue to be your voice in the House of Commons, defending your civil liberties as a top priority.

Shaun — tell your MP that sacrificing individual rights and freedoms is not the solution to the threat of terrorism.

Add your name here:

Thank you,





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