Environment Dialogue Sessions with Minister Brian Kenny

8 02 2015


Dear NBEN Members & Associates,

A few weeks ago, 12 environmental groups met with Brian Kenny, the new Minister of Environment and Local Government.  Interested to find out what happened at the meeting?  A report of the meeting is in the section on our website reserved for members & associates, so you need to be logged in to the Eco-Community in order to access the report.  Let us know if you have trouble finding it!

The Conservation Council has produced a great little video to help New Brunswickers learn how they can get involved in the Energy East oil pipeline hearings.

For those living in the Petitcodiac River watershed, the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is recruiting volunteers for its Board of Directors.

Upcoming events:
Feb 07 – Dialogues Sessions, Rexton
Feb 09 – Dialogues Sessions, Bathurst
Feb 10 – Stimulating Bright Ideas: Exploring the skills needed for entrepreneurship rooted in sustainability, Fredericton
Feb 10 – Dialogues Sessions, Fredericton
Feb 10 – CrowdSource Fundraising, Tatamagouche, NS
Feb 11 – Running Effective Meetings, Saint John
Feb 12 – Early Intervention Strategies to Suppress a Spruce Budworm Outbreak, Fredericton
Feb 12 – Making Your Mark as a Not-for-Profit Board Member, online
Feb 12 – Out with the Old, In with the New: A Compassionate Farewell to Fossil Fuels with Dr. Louise Comeau, Fredericton
Feb 12 – Dialogues Sessions,  Saint John
Feb 14 – Dialogues Sessions, Sackville
Feb 16 – Dialogues Sessions, St. Andrews
Feb 17 – Nature Moncton February Meeting, Moncton
Feb 18 – Living Shorelines Training, Charlottetown, PEI
Feb 18 – Social Enterprise: Legal and Strategic Guidance for Registered Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, Tatamagouche, NS
Feb 18 – Dialogues Sessions, Florenceville-Bristol
Feb 19 – AMANB Seminar: Building Sustainable Communities with Design, Riverview
Feb 20 – Deadline to submit a proposal for the Environmental Damages Fund (EDF)
Feb 20 – An Evening with Gregory Heming on locally prosperous rural communities, Gagetown
Feb 21 – Dialogues Sessions, Norton
Feb 25 – Volunteer Recognition Training Event, Saint John

Read more: www.nben.ca




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