350.org NEB People’s Intervention Applications vs. Energy East

4 02 2015


Earlier this week a group of organziers in Calgary and I hand delivered 106,000+ messages to the National Energy Board demanding a climate review of the Energy East pipeline.

Gathering these messages was Phase 1 of what we’ve been calling the People’s Intervention, and now it’s time to launch Phase 2. The NEB has opened its application period for the Energy East review, and we want to file thousands of applications from people who want the NEB to consider climate change. We want to force force the NEB to choose: either listen to people or listen to polluters.

Here’s the plan for Phase 2.

First, we’re going to organize People’s Intervention Gatherings to file hundreds of applications en masse to the NEB demanding to intervene on climate. These gatherings will be a chance to build organizing power and connect and deepen the climate movement across Canada, while giving the NEB the chance to do the right thing and consider the climate impacts of Energy East.

Next, we’ll reach out far and wide to file thousands of applications. If we’re rejected, we’ll bring our demand for a climate review and respect for communities right to the doors of the NEB hearings. We’ll march on the hearings and take action to ensure that the review process cannot go forward without considering climate change.

The best way to build a people’s movement to stop Energy East is to work together to force the issue of climate change to be taken seriously, which is why we’ll be hosting People’s Intervention Gatherings all across Canada. Can you host a gathering and launch the next phase of this campaign with serious strength?

Click here to find what you need to host or attend a People’s Invention Gathering.

Stephen Harper has stacked the National Energy Board with people committed to ignoring climate change and community voices in order to rubber stamp Energy East. I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you and your neighbors navigate the application system that’s been set up. Whether you’re applying on your own or with your community, this will make sure you have all the information you need to get your foot in the door.

Click here to see the Energy East People’s Intervention Phase 2 Action kit, including a step by step application guide.

Strategies like this have worked in the past. Before the events portrayed in the movie Selma, civil rights activists ran a mass campaign to challenge racist voter registration laws in the Southern United States. Even though African Americans were legally allowed to vote in the South, voter registration had been rigged to prevent them from accessing that right. Organizers knew that by attempting to register masses of people to vote and then being denied by the thousands, they could force the unjust registration rules into the light and force decision-makers to side with the people or those enforcing the racist rules (read more lessons from Selma for the Energy East campaign here).

Together, we’ve sent over 106,000 messages the NEB demanding a climate review. A powerful movement is rising up to stop Energy East and demand real climate action, and now it’s time for Phase 2 of the People’s Intervention. Join in, and let’s force the NEB and Harper to choose between the people and big polluters.


Cam Fenton




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