Destruction of Crown Forests Proceeds

2 02 2015
Caroline Lubbedarcy 12:18am Feb 2
TODAY in Colette: These are original forests CROWN LANDS – plantations They take all the softwood and spray it to kill the hardwood. Some of the hardwood trees are still standing, dead, no bark left on them etc. The wind was howling…bears hibernate in these crown forests. What will the flooding issues be in the spring with no water retention potential in the soil? Machines are driving all over the place, taking a forest, it’s not a plantation The roads are lined with piles of trees They are working in the wetlands, frozen now of course but no buffers They are working 24/7, 2 men per machine, day shift, and night shift,12 hours each It’s far back in the woods, most people wouldn’t dream there is no forest there anymore. 25 miles into the woods on great roads, well plowed, you won’t believe it when you see it. (great roads for the logging trucks) If they are allowed to keep going, there will be no forest left surrounding Rogersville 10 km swath has been clearcut right to Hwy 126. Pam, Romeo and Charles were shocked at the magnitude of the destruction….the trucks are huge and leave deep tire tracks (see the video)



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2 02 2015
Douglas Newman

The rape of *our* natural world continues apace by the corporatists for their “profit”. What profit will there be when it is all gone? We, The People, will be much less for our lost forests and wildlife. It is an utterly contemptible act, and WE, The People, must stop it!

Solidarity, in common purpose and resolve, gets it done, folks. We must not stop our efforts until it is seen to be done. The corporations will not stop without our continued pressure.

3 02 2015
yamoreault A Moreault

From the look of the piled wood: small diameters, no butt flare. The trees had not grown to their maximum economic potential, in other words, they are still economicaly immature. It’s like harvesting all your carotte garden in July.

The potential harvest volumes for the future is “stolen” from the Crown and future fibre needs.

Yvon A Moreault, RPF (1963-1997)
Retired regional forester, Deparment of Natural Resources

3 02 2015

I guess I’m confused about “Crown” vs. “public”. ‘Crown’ lands means (to me) they belong to the Crown, that is, the ruling Monarch of the UK, Queen Elizabeth. I don’t see them that way. These forests are, first and foremost, unceded forests belonging to First Nations of New Brunswick. Outside of that, they are public, that is, not privately owned. “Crown” actually denotes PRIVATE OWNERSHIP by the Crown. Indeed, the Crown of Britain is the largest private landowner in the UK, among the highest in the world, privately owning millions of acres of land.

4 02 2015

In the Province of New Brunswick, public lands which belong to the people of the province have and are legally called “Crown Lands”.

For more and very pertinent info, refer to the following:


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