Green Party of Greece Part of Syriza Coalition; First Green Member of Parliament Elected in Greece

29 01 2015

It appears the days of disastrous austerity rule in Greece are at an end. With 96.46% of the vote recorded in the national parliamentary elections the Syriza coalition, which includes the Green Party of Greece, has 36.36% of the popular vote, placing them in first place by a wide margin. The Greens ran 23 candidates in the campaign and at this time it is unclear how many will be represented in the Greek national parliament. A statement by the Greens in the aftermath of the campaign reads:

“The election result demonstrates the clear desire of the citizens for a radical policy reversal in the country, for the end of neoliberal austerity choices that brought the economy, society, environment on the brink of disaster…The Green Party of Greece supported the option of SYRIZA, participated and campaigned for the election result, declare and now this is a new day for the country. For sustainable production reconstruction, democracy, environmental protection and of the common good.”

Today (January 26, 2015) brought confirmation that the Green Party of Greece have elected their first Member of Parliament as part of the Syriza coalition victory in the January 25, 2015 national general election. Giorgos Dimaras of Athens will make history by taking his place as a Green Party member in the Greek parliament on the government side of the aisle. The heartfelt response to his newfound situation by Dimaras was as follows:

“It is also a great responsibility for the work you assigned me and many others, to respond will require the cooperation, ideas and advice. Ecology and Justice is the first love for the world and between us. A big thank you!”




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