Small Victory in Fredericton City Hall Challenging Energy East Pipeline

19 01 2015

Reported by Marc D’Arcy:

There was a small victory tonight at Fredericton’s Council-in-Committee meeting. The City of Fredericton has agreed to send a letter to TransCanada Pipelines Corp. asking for a public meeting for the residents of Fredericton. This will put pressure on TransCanada as the company has refused all of our requests since 2013 to hold a public meeting in Fredericton.

Back in December 2, 2014, Mark D’Arcy made the following verbal presentation to the Public Safety and Environment Committee of the City of Fredericton:…/0BxeKoRDFKH6fWXo2TFpOcHRJRjA/view
(DEC. 2, 2014) – “Will the City of Fredericton send a letter to TransCanada to request a public meeting for the residents of Fredericton?”

Let’s hope that this company is compelled to bring their company officials to Fredericton for a public meeting. As listed in the above presentation, there is a growing number of questions that citizens have about the proposed East-West pipeline project. Climate change is certainly a pressing concern.




One response

19 01 2015
Douglas Newman

Wonderful! I would hope that Transcanada will do the right thing and come to a meeting in Fredericton. (*with* an open mind.)

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