Saint John City Council officially endorses pipeline

14 12 2014
TJ  NOV 25
Concerns expressed about environment

 SAINT JOHN • Common Council has unanimously endorsed Energy East,indicating that the city’s municipal government believes the west-east pipeline project is in the best interest of its citizens because of the“possibilities of economic and community development.”   Mayor Mel Norton proposed the motion at Monday’s meeting with the goal of showing some leadership on energy from the city.   TransCanada filed a 30,000-page project application to the National Energy Board in October and the $12-billion project faces several regulatory hurdles before it could go ahead.y   If it gets a green light, the cross-Canada project would see an existing 3,000-kilometre natural gas line converted to pump crude into Quebec and a 1,400-kilometre extension built to push the crude as far east as the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John.   “This is a real opportunity for us,” the mayor told councillors.   Before they could vote on the endorsement, Norton amended the motion to add a line saying that safety and the environment is of the utmost importance to the city. He also added a line saying the city will work with TransCanada and regulatory bodies to ensure the pipeline is safely constructed“in such a way as to protect the environment.”   At the same time, two people at the back of the public gallery waved placards urging city politicians to protect Saint John’s water and land.   The mayor asked them to put their signs down or they would be asked to leave. The protesters complied.   Ward 3 Coun.Donna Reardon said she spent time puzzling over the motion,because industry has been both a “bane and a benefit”for the city.   “Saint John has seen industry come and we’ve never really seen the benefit of it for the city,”Reardon said, as the protesters in the gallery nodded.“A lot of times we’ve made crazy deals where we don’t even get tax dollars.”   She said the city needs a negotiator to make sure the city gets a win from the pipeline and not just industry.   “We need a win for the citizens.”   Safety should trump any potential economic reward of the pipeline, Ward 1 Coun. Bill Farren said. “Safety and the environment are my main concerns,”he said.“If we get jobs out of it, fantastic.”   Council will send letters to neighbouring municipalities and the provincial and federal governments indicating they’ve endorsed the proposed pipeline.   Councillors also unanimously approved a second motion to get advice from city staff on how Saint John can play a role as an intervener in the regulatory process.   In an interview after the meeting, Norton said he amended his motion after speaking with councillors and representatives for the National Energy Board, who are in town for a presentation to Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.   “Part of that discussion (with the NEB) was in how important safety is going to be to this project,”Norton said.   While it may go without saying that the city wants the pipeline to be safe if it’s built,the mayor said it was important to put that on paper.   “We wanted to reinforce that not only is the economic part of this important, but also the environment in terms of safety is important.”


Coun. Donna Reardon had some concerns but eventually voted to endorse the Energy East pipeline project on Monday.   PhoTo: Michael STringer/TelegraPh-Journal




One response

15 12 2014
Neil Lizotte

Government officials fail to report that LENR related technologies will replace fossil fuels with clean abundant energy. There is no pollution with LENR technologies, Not enough radiation to worry about, in fact barely enough to measure and it only lasts for seconds.

I believe that your microwave oven is more radioactive and you gas furnace is more dangerous then LENR / cold fusion systems.

LENR related companies almost ready for mass product BlackLight Power, Brillouin Energy, Industrial heat and Solar Hydrogen Trends is ready for mass production.

The major obstacle slowing down LENR production is government red tape and lack of investment.

LENR related technologies are affordable to everyone around the world and that worries the rich who will lose their control over the pubic

The E Cat technology has been validated by 11 scientists and has reached temps of 1400 degrees Celsius and maintained that temp for I think it was 32 days.

Any country that does not embrace LENR and invest in it’s future will suffer with very poor economies and from countless lost jobs.

Anyone who promotes fossil fuels in any way including pipelines should be voted out of office because they don’t have our future health and welfare as any of their concerns.

There will be more jobs with LENR systems then the fossil fuel industry could ever dream up.

Fossil fuels are on the way out and the time to Act is now.

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