Colchester Co Allows AIS to Dump Frack Wastewater in Debert

13 12 2014


(CP) – Approval has been granted by the County of Colchester for Atlantic Industrial Services to dispose of millions of litres of treated fracking water into the municipal sewer system.

Under the approval the public has been given until Dec. 29 to submit an appeal.

For the past several years Atlantic Industrial Services has been storing millions of litres of flowback water from hydraulic fracking operations in Kennetcook.

Earlier this year, the company disposed of two million litres through a pilot project at the Lafarge cement plant near Brookfield, where the treated water was used as a coolant in the kiln, heated to 700 degrees Celsius and disposed of through evaporation.

The company also recently attempted to negotiate a deal with the town of Amherst with an offer of $500,000 to dispose of the water stored in Debert, along with another 20-million litres still remaining in holding ponds in Kennetcook, but that was turned down after objections from the public.

Some 10-million litres remain in the Debert holding tanks.

(Truro News)




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