Fracking opponents want long moratorium

8 12 2014
Moratorium ‘pussyfooting,’ young lawsuit claimants say
james foster Times & TranscripT

COCAGNE • Young claimants in an anti-fracking lawsuit filed against SWN Resources Canada and the New Brunswick and Canadian governments on Friday called for a 25-year countrywide moratorium on all fossil fuel operations in Canada.   The youthful litigants involved in what they call The People’s Lawsuit gathered here Friday to discuss how to move ahead with their opposition to hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas.   Marcel White said he is unhappy about a“regional”fracking moratorium being discussed in the New Brunswick legislature, terming the proposed moratorium for this province“pussyfooting.”   “What part of no fracking don’t they understand?”White asked.   Plaintiff Marc Bernard called the move: “a weak effort that only pleases the companies, not the people.”   The group urged other young people and the not-so-young as well to join what they term a“lawful rebellion.”   “We are asking young people, all people, to join us and support our lawsuit,”Bernard said.“We are claiming our right to a future. Fossil fuels are known to contribute to climate change. It’s insane.”   Bernard urged others to get involved in the group’s stand against hydraulic fracturing, a process by which natural gas is freed from sandstone by pumping a mix of water, sand and some chemicals into sandstone formations to fracture the rock.   “Write letters, complain about the injustices we’re facing, support our cause by sharing on social media and especially by joining Lobby For The Future groups to counter powerful industry lobby groups who have been influencing local and national governments,” Bernard said.   Willi Nolan, the plaintiff in the suit who has been designated Grandmother of the young litigants, underlined that all ages are affected by hydro-fracking, but young people will be affected the most.   “They are facing problems that older generations won’t have to,”she said.   “I’m kind of ashamed of my generation, with so many indifferent to problems like climate change because they’ll be gone in a few years. The young people need us to stand up with them.”


Youth claimants of ‘The Peoples Lawsuit’ – from left to right, Jean-Sebastien Theriault, Willi Nolan, and Marcel White – host a media conference at the Vortex Free Café in Cocagne on Friday to announce their proposal for a territorial, federal and provincial moratorium on fossil fuel operations, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas and oil. They also provided updates on the status of The Peoples Lawsuit.   PHOTO:VIKTOR PIVOVAROV/TIMES & TRANSCRIPT




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8 12 2014
Douglas Newman

Yes! So thankful that younger People are standing up to protect *our* shared planet from the globalist corporate rapists and despoilers of the planet! I will proudly stand with them until We, The People of the World, have fought and won the “battle for the health of the world”. Solidarity gets it done, folks!

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