The People of Canada Stand Against Climate Disruption

24 11 2014


Something big is happening right now.

Last week the governments of Quebec and Ontario announced that they had aligned on seven conditions for the approval of the Energy East pipeline — including a legislated climate test.

That means Energy East won’t be able to move forward through the Provinces without a finding that it won’t impact climate change — a finding that isn’t supported by science.

At the same time, fierce community resistance on Burnaby Mountain has been stopping Kinder Morgan’s work on the TransMountain tar sands pipeline for over 4 days, with dozens on dozens of arrests — and the detention of an 11 year old girl — and a presence that continues to grow. These two things may be happening on different sides of the country, but could not be more connected. 

The connection is simple: neither the TransMountain pipeline nor Energy East are being considered for their climate impact. Stephen Harper’s push to expand tar sands means that National Energy Board is ignoring the reality of climate change, and ignoring the will of Canadians everywhere who demand climate action.

Stephen Harper may not take climate change seriously, but today it’s clear that this country is full of people that do. Let’s show him that we intend to fight.

Send a message to the National Energy Board demand a climate review of Energy East.


Cam & the team

P.S. Find out how to support actions on Burnaby Mountain here.




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