Maritimes Outmigration: Political Spin Distorts the Numbers

23 11 2014
“Maritimers have always been ‘going west.”
I am concerned that the media has been influenced too much by the corporate world and the oil & gas industries in particular, who are looking to get as much oil & gas sold in their lifetimes as possible, regardless of the effects on people or the environment. The media now suggests that this out-migration of Maritimers is something new & tragic. Call me crazy, but it certainly seems that the phenom is nothing new. Hell, my father went ‘down the road,’ as did I, and we both made it home again. Personally, I learned a lot, saw the country, and am home again.  And the evidence of the previous piece shows that out-migration is no longer limited to the Maritimes.
As to percentages, let’s remember that Alberta is over 12 times the size of NS, and Ontario about 20 x the size. Their resources haven’t been tapped out like ours have, nor do they have a small family compact ruling the media. This will have impact on the out-migration numbers, but it needs to be considered when comparing Alberta’s GDP to Nova Scotia’s. Besides, I lived in Alberta for 25 years, enjoyed the people, disliked the politics and avarice, but there were many good aspects about it. I think Nova Scotia is okay being itself, not trying to emulate Alberta. Vice versa as well.
As to the economics, the below info gives an interesting picture of the post-2008 economy all over the country (note that NB & BC are quite similar). People would be well advised to reconsider their definition of prosperity as growth economies are about to become a thing of the past.
Check it out:



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