Comment: Regulation of the Extraction-Pipeline Economy

22 11 2014

Absolutely the biggest “con game” on the planet right now. The O&G Corps. *know* that we are just at the cusp of going “all in” for an inevitable green, sustainable energy generation and storage future. They are dragging their feet to keep us out of that better future as long as they can by co-opting *our* politicians and *our* political process. The Harper “government” has taken environmental protections off of *many thousands* of vital waterways, opening the way for globalist O&G Corps. To despoil them with near impunity. The major cost of oil and gas contamination will be borne by the next generation. Our children. Why do We, The People allow it?

And it isn’t just about the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline, or the Energy East pipeline, or the Keystone XL, dangerously despoiling as they are. The problem is all of it taken together. All the proposed gas and oil pipelines are meant to carry product only to *offshore destinations*. You will see extremely little benefit to North American countries.
The big push to control Ukraine is really just to block Russian sources of gas in order to “create” Eastern European markets to sell into. They will despoil The People’s lands and waters, and even The People themselves in their greedy pursuit of “profit at all costs”. And that cost will be great.

And when the tide inevitably turns away from fossil fuels as it must, We, The People, will be left with polluted lands, waters, air quality, and a political system that thinks that this is alright.We will have become “debt slaves” to the very process that put us there.

We owe it to our children’s children to deny the Power Elite their unthinking and uncaring acts of treason against The People and *our* environment. WE are The People! United, WE are the real power in the world! Only Mother Nature is more powerful than The People united, and WE are a part of Her! Solidarity gets it done, folks!




2 responses

22 11 2014
Margo Sheppard

You should submit this to the Gleaner

23 11 2014
Douglas Newman

I doubt that The Gleaner would print my comments, it being owned by the Irvings. They have “skin” in this pipeline game and stand to profit very handsomely by it.

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