Amherst NS Against Frack Waste Dec. 9 at 6 PM

21 11 2014

Please share with Alicia whatever you have to help her and the
citizens of Amherst. Thank you, peace

Amherst Against Frack Waste

NS Environment Minister to attend public meeting regarding frack waste. Meeting starts at 6pm. We suggest everyone arrive by 5pm if possible.


This is not only an issue for Amherst, and/or Nova Scotia. The Leplanche River dumps into the Missaquash River which of course is the shared boundry with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It ultimately ends up in the Bay of Fundy.

The town council of Amherst is considering dumping frack waste from AIS in Debert, the same corporation that has approached Dieppe. The town stands to gain $500,000 over two years.

SWN is no doubt salivating for a nearby place to dump frack waste. Residents have requested our support. Be there if you can. Share this with all of your friends. family and interested groups and organizations.
Solidarity! ♥

Alicia Mairi: I am a resident of Amherst, NS. you probably
know our Town Council and Mayor are trying to let 30 Million Litres
of ‘fracking water’ into our marsh, La Planche River and then the Bay
of Fundy. We, the residence, don’t want it.

We have a MEETING on the 9th of DECEMBER at 6pm.
The NS Environmental Minister will be there…
If you have any important info or suggestions it would be really

If you have anything on AIS (Atlantic Industrial Services),
ENVIROSYSTEMS, or Mattawa Industrial Services it would be really
appreciated if you would write me about it…. We need to save the la
Planche River and the Bay of Fundy. Thank you very much, Alicia Mairi.




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