Duncan Keppie: THE Pros & Cons of Fracking In Nova Scotia in a Global Context

10 11 2014


DATE: Thursday, November 13, 2014

TIME: 12 pm (noon) to 1 pm
LOCATION: Fountain Learning Commons – Great Hall, Acadia 

DESCRIPTION: Geologist Duncan Keppie joins us to discuss fracking in Nova Scotia. This year saw completion of: (a) the Wheeler Panel Final Report on Hydraulic Fracking in Nova Scotia, (b) the Council of Canadian Academies Report on the Environmental impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada, and (c) the United Nations Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change. Duncan’s presentation will address what is presently known about:

  1. The potential, onshore, hydrocarbon resources with emphasis on the Windsor-Kennetcook subbasin, and touch on oil and Coalbed Methane potential in Nova Scotia;
  2. The potential for contamination of groundwater, surface water and air in the local context;
  3. The potential impacts on agriculture, tourism, and economics;
  4. Worldwide potential hydrocarbon reserves and global warming.

SPEAKER BIO: Since graduating with a Doctorate from Glasgow University (Scotland), Dr. Keppie has been working at either a University or a Geological Survey in USA, Zambia, Nova Scotia and Mexico. He produced several maps of Nova Scotia including the Geological, Structural, Metamorphic and Tectonic maps, has published over 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals and books, has been co-leader of 6 UNESCO international projects, has taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and supervised a dozen Ph.D. students. Projects involved paleogeographic reconstruction of the distribution of land masses through time, plate tectonics, recycling continental crust, age dating, geochemistry, and structural analysis.




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