FSRN Covers Fracking Issues in US Capital

7 11 2014
From Free Speech Radio Network (FSRN):
As  postmortems on the election results continue to dominate national news, you’d never know that five days of direct actions called Beyond Extreme Energy took place in D.C.this week, calling for a Congressional investigation of  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and demanding FERC rescind existing fracking permits. In fact, one of the actions targeted National Public Radio, accusing NPR of biased reporting in exchange for funding from ANGA, a trade association for natural gas drillers (frackers). The network denies the claim.  

FSRN regularly covers hydraulic fracturing and the various geo-political, economic and environmental implications of the drilling technique, that incidentally voters chose to ban in at least three cities this week. FSRN’s Shannon Young spoke to investigative journalist and Research Fellow for DeSmogBlog Steve Horn about financial predictions that the fracking boom is a bubble that’s about to pop.

FSRN did do a fair share of election follow up, looking at minimum wage initiatives that passed in four states and providing a roundup of other progressive ballot measures and how they fared.  But we also checked out new regulations on Airbnb and other sharing economies, discovered that repression of the pro-democracy movement in Azerbaijan continues and we marked the 30th anniversary of deadly anti-Sikh riots in India.




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