6 11 2014

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Hi Shaun,

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has partnered with a team of local filmmakers for a fundraising event on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 418 Queen St. (formerly the Cedar Tree Cafe) in Fredericton.

“Fred and Carl Are Park Rangers” is a comedy show about two mismatched park rangers who are forced to work together to save their park and the environment. The theme is aimed at celebrating New Brunswick’s natural spaces and fostering a deeper appreciation of our environment within viewers.

The show has made the Top 55 in the CBC’s Comedy Coup contest, where public voting determines the winner of a prime-time television slot on CBC. Vote for them here to make Fred and Carl Are Park Rangers the first nationally-televised half hour comedy show from New Brunswick!

When: Saturday, Nov. 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: 418 Queen St. in Fredericton (formerly the Cedar Tree Cafe)

What: Live music from local bands and speciality beer prepared by Picaroons Traditional Ales just for this event!

Admission: $10 (includes two free beer tickets)

The purpose of Saturday’s event is two-fold: raising awareness of the Comedy Coup contest to drum up votes, and raising money for the Conservation Council of New Brunswick! All proceeds raised will go toward CCNB’s conservation programs and public policy campaigns.

Come out to enjoy some live music, have a beer, and support local filmmakers and CCNB!

PS: Don’t forget, November is Membership Month at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. We’ve already signed up lots of new supporters, be part of the movement for clean air, land and water! Join CCNB this month to have your name entered into a weekly draw and grand prize draw for a new camper stove!




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