Call in on Energy East Pipeline CBC Maritime Noon

4 11 2014

Today, from noon-1PM the call-in show on CBC, Maritime Noon, is asking “Are you in favour of the Energy East Pipeline?”

Talk-back: 1-800-565-5463
Phone-in: 1-800-565-1940
Let’s flood them with calls about why this pipeline is a terrible idea for our climate and the future of our communities.
Talking points include:
– The extraction and transportation (not burning) of the oil in TransCanada’s proposed pipeline is estimated to create 30-32 million tonnes GHG emissions: equivalent to the emissions from PE, NB, and NFLD combined.
– If we want to reduce our GHGs in Canada, we can’t expand the Tarsands or further lock ourselves into fossil fuel infrastructure.
– TransCanada has a terrible spill record – their Keystone pipeline spilled 12 times in its first year (2012).
– In ten minutes (the minimum time it takes to stop a leak), this pipeline would spill up to 1 million litres oil into surrounding ecosystems. The estimated total spillage in Kalamazoo is 1 million litres, and they are still cleaning this up over a year later.
– If built, the pipeline would increase annual  tanker traffic in Bay of Fundy by 210 tankers full of diluted bitumen.  Diluted bitumen, which is what would be shipped through the pipeline if built, sinks and turns in to tarballs in water. We don’t know how to properly clean up this kind of spill year. The Bay of Fundy is a very precious resource for livelihoods, and ecosystems in the maritimes. The majority of the fisheries in the Bay of Fundy are based on bottom-dwelling sea creatures (ie lobster, shellfish, and groundfish like haddock and halibut), and these fisheries would be put at risk
– This pipeline would facilitate 40% expansion of the TarSands, Canada’s fastest growing source of GHGs. In light of this week’s IPCC report, this contradicts the recommendations of 95% of the world’s climate scientists.
– Job creation: We have no idea about if these jobs are going to be safe, long-term, or for Maritimers to be able to stay at home. It still means sending our people away, and puts so many of our local industries at risk. 
– This oil isn’t for us. We don’t have the capacity to refine this oil, it’s known that over 90% of the bitumen coming through the pipeline will be exported. Someone else is refining it, and if we get to use it, we’ll be buying it back from them.
Also, reference this great article in the Globe and Mail re the extremely poor timing of this pipeline:

Quote from article: “First, U.S. oil production is now more than enough to supply Eastern Canadian refineries. Second, lower global oil prices indicate that refineries in the rest of the world aren’t exactly scrambling to secure expensive Alberta bitumen either.”




One response

5 11 2014
Douglas Newman

Terrible! But as bad as the article illustrates this Energy East pipeline would be, it gets much worse. If built across the country, (which is the O&G Corp. goal) imagine how in Step #2 they would feel “obliged” to build smaller “connector pipelines in *every province* connecting into the main coast to coast pipeline.

But it gets even worse than that!

Premier Gallant has stated that it might be a good idea to “twin” the Energy East pipeline with a *gas* pipeline, as well! Step #3 would be gas pipelines in *every province* connecting into the main coast to coast gas pipeline.

And then the race to frack every possible “gas play” will be on. Thousands upon thousands of fracking wells all across the country. The methane release just from cracked well heads would be so destructive to our environment. It would make our air quality intolerably noxious, and horribly despoiling to our shared lands, waters, and a healthy way of living in harmony with Mother Nature.

We, The People, should not allow *our* Commons to be perverted for a few jobs. We are on the cusp of powering our whole world by clean and sustainable, alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, wave, geo-thermal, permanent magnet motors, and exciting new energe *storage* possibilities. This is going to happen! It *is* happening.

We, The People, should be demanding that *our* government get on board and become a part of this revolutionary new world, rather than keep us shackled to the old world of fossil fuels and good ol’ boy *monopoly situations* for the globalist O&G Corps. They are surely killing our children’s “better futures”.

We are The People! United, WE are the real power in the world! Solidarity gets it done, folks!

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