TC’s Propaganda Machine is Ramping Up

3 11 2014
Explaining Energy East

Despite claims to the contrary, pipelines are the safest, most efficient and environmentally-friendly method of transporting large volumes of oil over long distances.   There are many misconceptions about the Energy East Pipeline being promoted in New Brunswick the past few weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to respond to these claims, and demonstrate TransCanada’s dual focus on environmental stewardship and helping to build vibrant and economically sound communities across the country.   MYTH #1: The Energy East Pipeline is a risk for New Brunswick and New Brunswick’s waterways.   FACT: Every inch of the Energy East Pipeline is backed by our commitment to the environment,with special care taken to protect the water and land along our pipeline routes.   Our planning and efforts to minimize our footprint and protect the environment around the Energy East Pipeline is long underway and those efforts will continue over the life of the pipeline.   TransCanada goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid disturbing sensitive waterways,during both construction and operation and incorporates special construction techniques to reduce land and water impacts. In some cases, we use a construction process that places the pipe deeper beneath a river to better protect the waterway while leaving riverbanks completely undisturbed.   TransCanada will use special measures when crossing waterways which include:   • • Placing Building sensors with thicker and valve -walled systems pipe; at closer intervals;   • Monitoring the pipeline 24/7 with the ability to shut it down within minutes;   • Using specialized equipment and field crews along the entire route.   The Energy East pipeline will include a highly sophisticated leak detection system to monitor the pipeline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, along with routine aerial and ground patrols from trained staff to monitor the pipeline in the field.   TransCanada uses the highest quality steel and top quality welding and inspection techniques in the design and construction of its pipeline projects. The Energy East Pipeline project will have a detailed emergency response plan in place before the pipeline goes into operation.   MYTH #2: There are no benefits for New Brunswickers from the Energy East Pipeline.   FACT: There are extensive economic benefits for New Brunswickers, including new jobs, a growing GDP and increased tax revenues for provincial and municipal governments.   Studies show that the Energy East Pipeline will create thousands of jobs all the way from Alberta to New Brunswick. These include direct jobs in developing, building and maintaining the pipeline over seven years of construction and decades of operation, and indirect jobs from the resulting economic activity. The project will spur the creation of local jobs for heavy equipment operators, welders, geologists, truck drivers, hospitality industry workers and more.   Specifically in New Brunswick, a preliminary report issued by Deloitte & Touche LLP determined that the Energy East project will support more than 1,400 direct, full-time jobs in the first six years alone and create another 120 direct full-time jobs throughout its lifespan.   In addition, the Energy East Pipeline will create an additional $694 million in government tax revenues for New Brunswick, and generate over $2.8 billion in GDP for the economy of the province. Energy East will generate billions of dollars’worth of new tax revenue for municipal, provincial and federal governments   — much-needed funds for public projects such as schools,roads,hospitals and balanced budgets. For smaller communities along the route, Energy East will become an even more significant source of local tax revenue.   MYTH #3: Oil shipped through the Energy East Pipeline is only for export.   FACT: Energy East will help to meet Canadian energy challenges with Canadian solutions.   Given that Canada has the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves, it’s surprising that most ofthe 700,000 barrels of oil used in eastern Canada every day is imported from foreign countries because of limited west to east transportation options.Energy East will bring change,providing up to 1.1 million barrels of domestic oil to eastern Canadian refineries each day.   By moving the nation’s oil from west to east, this pipeline will make domestic refineries less dependent on foreign oil imports. Homes, businesses and communities across the country will benefit from access to this vital resource – whether as a fuel or a key component in countless products we depend on every day. Energy East will help ensure our energy independence.   MYTH #4: Energy East will increase green gas emissions (GHG).   FACT: TransCanada supports global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a shift toward less carbon-intensive energy sources.   To date, TransCanada has invested more than $5 billion in emission-less energy sources in the United States and Canada, including the development of wind farms, solar generation and certified low-impact hydro facilities. One-third of the power that TransCanada provides across North America comes from emission-less energy sources.   TransCanada recognizes the need to develop strategies to reduce our dependence on oil. In addition to fuel for cars, 3,000 everyday products are made using oil. Also of note, a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) report found the world’s energy demand will continue to grow for the next 20 years and renew-ables will only make up to three per cent of the total energy mix.   This variety of energy sources offered by TransCanada is part of a diversified approach that many New Brunswickers are looking for.   PHILLIPPE CANNON is a director of the Energy East pipeline project.


A New Brunswick resident looks at a proposed pipeline route during a recent Energy East information session.   Photo: CiNdy WilSoN/tElEgraPh-JourNal




One response

4 11 2014
Douglas Newman

Total BS. To easily counter Phillipe Cannons specious argument for the Energy East pipeline see this:

This pipeline, if allowed to move forward, signals the physical and moral death of The People’s Canada. Solidarity gets it done, folks! Say, “NO!”

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