People Made the Difference in Shubenacadie

2 11 2014
Alton Gas Project Stalled
As you might have seen, the government has stalled the Alton Gas project late last week recognizing that that the company did not consult with Mi’kmaq people in the area adequately and didn’t have the proper permits to start work.Check out these articles:
It’s pretty wicked news, given that this issue was barely on the radar just a couple of months ago.
Residents still feel there is a need to increase awareness about the use of salt cavern storage for natural gas, and the folks who are organizing on the ground are still encouraging us to be organizing to show that it is not just a Mi’kmaq issue. That being said, it makes less sense at this time to do a direct action targeting the government, since they are *finally* taking some steps forward.
Folks organizing in Alton said they’d really support us re-orienting towards organizing a teach-in type event. I am personally all for it, although I do not have the capacity in the next two weeks to take the lead on coordinating it.
What are folks thoughts on this? Who is interested in working on a teach-in?

Katelyn Rae Perfitt, MREM




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2 11 2014

Explain Teach-in?

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